National Anthem Inspiration; Crist Snubs St. Pete NAACP debate, Jolly Shows Up; Obamacare Meltdown; Jihadist Infiltrators and more: Helena’s News Roundup

national-anthem-artistWATCH – Artist Singing Nat’l Anthem Flips Painting Around… Crowd Instantly Goes WILD

This video is amazing.  Enjoy!

The worst of ObamaCare is yet to come

“ObamaCare premiums will soar 25% in the 39 states is only the tip of the iceberg: The so-called Affordable Care Act is inflicting damage all across America’s health-care sector. Premiums are rising in nearly all the states that run their own exchanges, too. And if you get other coverage, you’re also paying: ObamaCare taxes non-exchange health plans to help pay for the subsidies that make its policies (somewhat) affordable. (It also cut tens of billions from Medicare.)This, on top of the regulations – boosting costs by mandating added coverage. The move forced insurers to cancel coverage for 6 million-plus people..Still ahead: Budget crises in the states that accepted temporary federal bribes to massively expand their Medicaid rolls. More premium hikes on the exchanges, as ever fewer healthy people sign up for coverage — prompting even lower enrollment, and more price hikes, in a sharp “death spiral.”

Hillary Has Abnormal Eye Movements, Say Majority of Doctors Surveyed, Reports AAPS

“Videos are circulating on the internet, from Hillary’s rather brief and rare appearances in public, which are purported to show pathological eye movements.”So we decided to ask doctors on our email list to have a look at one of the videos.Nearly 2/3 of respondents said they saw abnormal movements. About 60% of those who saw abnormal movements thought “the cause could be a potentially disabling neurological condition,” and none of them were willing to say that it isn’t..Possibilities include increased intracranial pressure (at risk because of her history of head trauma and a transverse sinus clot); a drug effect; or a chronic degenerative neurological condition. Parkinson’s disease is mentioned—with drug treatment concealing most manifestations but causing the eye signs.”

TRUMP on Track to Win More Black Votes Than Any GOP Candidate Since 1960

“At the beginning of October 9% of African Americans supported Trump. The number doubled and has leveled off at 16% support for Trump. Blacks today make up 22% of the Democratic vote.If Democrats lost 25% of the black vote they would lose VA, FL, OH and NC.If Trump skims 25% of black voters from the Democratic Party he would win the 2016 election in a landslide.The last Republican to win over 25% of the non-white vote was Richard Nixon in 1960.Nixon won 32% of non-white voters to Kennedy’s 68%.The black community in America has been in decline ever since.”

Gen. Boykin: Radical Muslims Plan ‘To Infiltrate Every Element of Our Society, Including the Church’

Anyone surprised?”During a discussion about radical Islam and how its followers seek to damage the US, Lt. Gen.(ret.) Boykin, former head of Special Operations Command, noted the jihadist doc “Explanatory Memorandum,” which was uncovered in 2004, and said the radical Islamists plan to “infiltrate every element of our society, including the church.” “It’s a five-phase plan to take over America,” said Boykin at the Breaking the Silence conference in Aug. “It’s unfolding right now. Now, there are more specific plans that they have for how they’re going to take over. And as Kamal Saleem [a former jihadist] said, they’re going to infiltrate every element of our society, including the church.”

WSJ: Top Clinton-Allied Group Gave $468,000 for Senior FBI Official’s Wife’s Campaign

Wow!! “The WSJ reports that groups affiliated with top Hillary ally Gov McAuliffe contributed $700,000 to help a State Senate candidate whose husband oversaw the FBI’s invest of Clinton’s e-mails…McAuliffe was one of the people who convinced Dr. McCabe to run for office… McCabe was involved both directly and indirectly in the Clinton investigation from the time it was launched 15 months ago. He initially oversaw the FBI’s D.C. field office, “which provided personnel and resources to the Clinton email probe.” In Feb 2016, McCabe was promoted to the FBI’s 2nd-highest post, member of the group overseeing the invest into Clinton’s e-mail practices.This is not the first accusation of improper action by McAuliffe. He is under investigation for possibly illegal donations by the same office formerly headed by McCabe.”

Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe

What a temperment!! Will she curse our soldiers she deploys to war torn areas? Will she curse her Secret Service agents? “Hillary’s “treatment of agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment,” according to an FBI interview.. “Prior to CLINTON’s tenure, being an agent on the Sec of State’s protective detail was an honor reserved for senior agents…by the end of CLINTON’s tenure, it was staffed with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her.” Clinton’s State Dept agents are hardly the first to complain about her bullying. “She derives pleasure from lording over other people who cannot do anything about it- less powerful than she is,” In fact, Clinton’s well-documented history of profane, unhinged outbursts against those who work for her spans decades.”

Carr: As ‘starter homes’ go, Obamacare a tear-down

Carr a must read! “Now he tells us. Obama goes to Miami Thurs and compares his “significant” domestic achievement, Obamacare, to a “starter home.”You know, a fixer-upper. Although Obamacare is looking more and more like a tear-down.“It’s like building or buying a starter home,” he said. “It’s a lot better than not having a home, but you hope that over time you make some improvements.”The prob with that analogy is, most of the people he so imperiously relegated to the health care equivalent of public housing didn’t want to go into Sect. 8. They and their families already had health ins. It was affordable.. Obama dismissed them out of hand as “bad apple ins.”In 2009 he said that if you liked your doc, you could keep your doc. Plus, you would save $2,500 a year!Lies, all lies.. It’s like his shovel-ready jobs that weren’t shovel-ready.”

Charlie Crist to Black St. Petersburg: You Don’t Matter

Wow!! Must Read! “The St. Petersburg branch of the NAACP staged a debate this past Sat to allow black residents to familiarize themselves with the candidates in newly drawn Congressional District 13, and to allow the candidates to familiarize themselves with the residents and the issues that concern them.The debate turned out to be one-sided. Why? Because Crist refused to show up. Jolly showed up. Crist had better things to do.The NAACP actually held out, waiting for Crist, as it wanted to be fair, and give all candidates the opportunity to be heard, and give the black residents of CD 13 the opportunity to hear the candidates speak to the issues that are important to their lives.Apparently Crist felt he had already mentioned Obama’s name, and that should be enough to win the votes of black people. Why should he bother to show up to an NAACP debate?”

Judge reaffirms nationwide ban on Obama transgender school bathroom policy

YEAH! “A federal judge in TX has largely rejected the Obama admin’s request to narrow a nationwide injunction banning enforcement of an Education Dept policy requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding to their gender identity.In an order issued late Tues. District Court Judge O’Connor made some changes to the ruling he issued in Aug at the request of 13 states opposed to the policy, but he left the Education Dept unable to bring new cases enforcing transgender students’ access to access to what he termed “intimate facilities” across the nation.Justice Dept lawyers had asked O’Connor to limit the injunction’s effect to the 13 states who brought the suit, However, the judge maintained he had the legal authority to halt the policy nationwide.”

U.N. goes all-in for unlimited migration

“The UN has cooked up a “New Urban Agenda” coming soon to a city near you.It was unveiled this week in Quito, Ecuador, at the so-called Habitat III conference. And part of the plan, embraced by Hillary, calls for unlimited migration across open borders. Migrants displaced by war, failing economies or other hardships will be seen as having “rights” in nations other than their own. Cities are seen as the key battlegrounds and the U.N. conference in Quito had a lot to say about how your city will be expected to embrace migrants of all types, from all regions of the world…In another bombshell revealed by WikiLeaks, Clinton.. has also called for a 550% increase in the resettlement of Syrian refugees in America – that’s 550% more than Obama’s vastly increased level of more than 12,000 resettled in one year.”

Democrat Agrees to Spanish-Language Debate, Drops Out When He Realizes Opponent Speaks Spanish

Too funny!! “The Florida Senate race has been good for some laughs in a generally grim election season. It pits incumbent Marco Rubio against former Republican Patrick Murphy, whose main qualification is inherited wealth. The candidates agreed to debate on Univision, an important Spanish-language outlet in south Florida. Alex Conant, Rubio’s press guy, sums up what ensued in this tweet:To recap: Dem candidate agrees to Spanish-language debate. Then drops out when he realizes Republican speaks Spanish…/politics-government/election/a… …”

Hillary Can’t Even Tell The Truth About Her Own Economic Plan

Hillary is clueless on economics!! Heaven help us if she is elected!! “While wildly exaggerating Moody’s job impact, Clinton entirely ignored Moody’s finding that her tax-and-spend plan would add $700 billion to already-rising deficits over the next decade.In fact, no independent group supports Clinton’s claim that her plan “will not add a penny to the debt.”Likewise, Clinton’s promise that only the rich and corporations will pay for all her grand spending schemes – which Moody’s estimates will add $2.2 trillion in outlays – is equally unbelievable.Clinton either ignores, or doesn’t understand, that at least a portion of corporate income taxes gets paid by workers in the form of lower wages, and by consumers in the form of higher prices, or by future retirees in the form of lower returns on their investments.”

Patrick Murphy’s Political Career Rose on the Wings of a Scheme and His Rich Saudi Friend

What a sleez! “How does a millionaire’s kid lacking credentials or accomplishment launch a political career virtually overnight? In Murphy’s case, easy. All Murphy had to do is make political donations in tandem with his wealthy Saudi Arabian friend al-Rashid, and al-Rashid’s equally wealthy family, and buy his way into the hearts and minds of Fl Democratic hierarchy, including Sen. Nelson and Wasserman Schultz. Al-Rashid, son of a Saudi billionaire and Murphy’s friend, is accused of an illegal straw donor scheme. He was one of the largest donors to his 2011 congressional run, contributing thousands directly to his campaign and more to super PACs supporting him.. Not only is the straw donor scheme under investigatioon, but Murphy was forced to give up $16,000 of al-Rashid’s donations when the Saudi was found guilty of beating his wife”

Obama’s plan to make the administrative state permanent – NetRight Daily

This move by Obama is unbelievable!!”Obama’s cronies are being placed into permanent staff positions in the federal government and the Administration is not even bothering to follow its own rules which govern the process.This is the unmistakable conclusion after reading a recent report from the GAO. The report shows that the Obama Administration has been converting Obama’s pol appointees into career positions without prior approval from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).The OPM director in Nov of 2009 made a big show of the new policy requiring prior approval for these conversions..These conversions, also known as “burrowing in” present a problem for the next conservative president. The Obama political appointees who now have permanent career positions are not likely to be supportive of any conservative policies. Many of them are now in the Senior Exec Service.”

Soros Wanted to Pick Scalia Successor

Soros has hijacked America!! “In the last decade, Democrats ranted that our democracy had been hijacked. It had been indeed. By their Democracy Alliance. And this is what the hijacking looks like.An ally of liberal financier Soros and Podesta had multiple conversations concerning a replacement for late Justice Scalia on the US Supreme Crt, new emails released by WikiLeaks show. Stone, president of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) founded and chaired by Soros — emailed Podesta mere hours after Scalia died Feb.13 to discuss a potential successor. Mere hours. We have the employee of a billionaire who made it his mission to determine the outcome of the political process over a decade ago trying to buy the Supreme Court just like he bought the White House through Obama.This is what a hijacked democracy looks like.”


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    Why would Charlie Crist attend an NAACP debate in the black community. He feels he has their votes in the bag. To face David Jolly, to answer questions honestly, would be to risk revealing to the attendees how shallow he truly is. Jolly is a public servant in the manner of C.W. Bill Young and George Credekos; an elected official that cares for his constituents. Charlie is an empty suit.

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