West Palm Beach Trying To Ban Medical Counseling for Pediatric Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Sign Petition to Stop It.

Why would a city seek to harm children who want to talk about their unwanted same-sex attraction with a doctor? Why would they fine such doctors for doing so? The answer is tyranny.

Why would a city seek to harm children who want to talk about their unwanted same-sex attraction with a doctor? Why would they fine such doctors for doing so? The answer is tyranny.

The City of West Palm Beach is trying to interfere in the patient-physician relationship. Imagine your teenage daughter or son is worried that they feel sexual attraction to a person of the same sex and wanted counseling to work through these unwanted feelings. The City Commission is attempting to pass a law banning counseling for children who are dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction and fining physicians who would help patients seeking their help.  The City commission proposes only to ban counseling by state-licensed physicians and mental health professionals. However the Commissions’ proposed law will allow any person without a license to to engage in such counseling and would allow children to get this counseling in other cities. Doctors who dare to help their pediatric patients seeking help to overcome their unwanted same-sex attraction, will be fined $250 for the first violation and $500 for each violation thereafter. Welcome to the politicization of medicine and the reach of tyrannical government directly into the patient-physician relationship. Citizens have put together a petition to the West Palm Beach City Commission asking them to vote “no” on the ordinance which can be signed here.

“The same liberals who want to make abortion widely available as a “choice” want to deny the choice of counseling for kids if it contradicts their political agenda.”


Advocates of the law are mainly from the LGBTQE (see below for “E”) community and their supporters complain about what they call “conversion therapy”. The ordinance and the anti-conversion therapy is riddled with fear mongering about harming children who “just know” they are gay. They paint a false picture of doctors and families ganging up on kids to bully them into “reparative” or other therapies to overcome what the gay lobby sees as a natural phenomenon: childhood gay sex or same-sex attraction as a child. The memo accompanying the ordinance takes pains to state that there is nothing in the law that prevents a licensed counselor or physician from expressing their opinions on same-sex attraction or even recommending counseling (elsewhere) to patients who want to overcome the unwanted attraction (page 2). But the law bans any actual standard, simple and safe medical counseling in West Palm Beach by that same doctor (page 4). The reason doctors will be allowed to “express their opinion” is because of another liberal effort that was designed to allow doctors to ask their patients about guns in their homes. The progressives want to make sure that the government does NOT intrude on efforts of some doctors who want to ban guns, but ensure that the government intrudes maximally in stopping doctors from helping kids seeking to overcome their unwanted same-sex attraction. By attempting to carve out this free speech exception, they hope to forestall similar lawsuits that aim to strike down bans on doctors asking patients about guns for non-medical purposes. Moreover the law goes out of its ways to allow those to engage in such counseling without any state license as an approved counselor (based on training and standards). That means “Joe” on the corner or perhaps at the local gay bar can help “counsel” these confused kids about why they should stay gay or lesbian with no repercussions whatsoever (what about practicing medicine without a license laws?)

The group gathering signers to its petition opposing the law (“Equality and Justice for All”) cites the story of a teenage girl battling with unwanted same-sex attraction. The girl contemplated suicide because of it and had a random encounter in a college lecture on the subject – which helped her overcome her struggle and she is now in a loving relationship with a man. The petition reports her story:

Perhaps they need to meet Nicole (name changed to protect her from harassment), who, as a teenager was full of self-hatred because she had same-sex attractions that she did not choose and did not want. She contemplated suicide many times, but never took action because she did not want to hurt her family who loved her very much.

She made it through high school and began college in West Palm Beach, never having told anyone about her inner turmoil over unwanted homosexual attractions. In one of her college classes her professor invited two guest lecturers, one who shared about some of the developmental factors that can lead to homosexual attractions and the other who shared her personal story of leaving a life of homosexuality.

Nicole says that day changed her life! She learned that she did not have to embrace an unwanted homosexual identity and could live a life beyond her attractions. She says she always knew a homosexual identity was not her authentic self, and she finally learned that support was available. Nicole is now a therapist who is happily married to a wonderful man and is the mother of two young children.”

The gay lobby pushes narratives of harm to children who they state are forced into counseling (they have dubbed “conversion therapy”) as being harmed. They cite their intent to prevent harm as the reason to ban counseling for kids seeking help to overcome unwanted sexual attraction.  But they never acknowledge the harm of kids who won’t be able to seek this counseling. The same liberals who want to make abortion widely available as a “choice” want to deny the choice of counseling for kids if it contradicts their political agenda. To be clear, no doctor would ever force or push counseling on a kid who thinks they are gay without their consent. The ethics of the medical profession require consent for treatment. Counseling sessions are about delivering wanted therapy and more commonly about listening to kids or patients tell their story and helping them reach conclusions that are most consistent with their health and true desires. The counseling is also about uncovering and addressing other stressors or factors in their lives that may be leading to unwanted same-sex attraction.

SUBMIT TO GAY AGENDA OR ELSE ARE YOU NEXT_finalSurely the LGBTQE (yes, “E” may be added for “Ecosexual“) will now attack me, this blog and anyone else they can as haters for daring to disagree with their dangerous agenda. They will attempt to shout down or demean me, have my license removed for daring to disagree with the gay lobby and their agenda. Those of you with common sense will realize that any movement that attempts to ban licensed counselors from providing wanted counseling to children with internal conflicts has lost their collective minds.




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    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      There are doctors who support this agenda for the simple reason that they are liberal activists who seek to impose their will through government rather than convince their colleagues through science. Such is the nature of technocrats that take control in collectivist societies that are nearly at their final destination on the “Road to Serfdom” (Hayek).

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