Voting Catholic – By San Diego Priest.

A final judgment will come from God. Will Bishop Robert Lynch seek to shepherd homosexuals to chastity as an act of love to save them?

A San Diego Catholic Priest is under fire for speaking the truth about America in the context of the election tomorrow.  The controversy is described at the outstanding website “Church Militant” (which refers to one of the three states of the Church- Triumphant, Militant and Suffering). Here are excerpts from the Church Militant Story and following that is the actual church bulletin text from Father Richard Perozich. His words are powerful and completely true. The world has rejected God’s truth to serve lies authored by the Prince of Lies (Satan). The world and America is deteriorating due to all the reasons listed in Father Perozich’s letter: abortion, euthanasia, religious persecution for standing up against homosexuality as a legitimate and normal life-style and so-called “gay marriage”, out of control government spending, unrestrained immigration, and engagement in the world as its “policeman”. The liberals are attacking the priest for daring to inform his parishioners about Catholic truths. Yet the liberals congratulate any church that sponsors a “souls to the polls” day after launching pro-democrat sermons from their pulpits. Enjoy some of God’s truth.


Excerpt from the Church Militant.

Father Richard Perozich of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in San Diego, California has suffered backlash from two recent parish bulletins advising Catholics how to vote in good conscience. An October 16 insert in the parish bulletin — which had not been endorsed by Fr. Perozich — said it was “a mortal sin to vote Democrat.” Father Perozich then authored an October 30 column in the parish bulletin denouncing abortion, the LGBT agenda, euthanasia and other intrinsic evils condemned by the Catholic Church. 

The backlash was immediate, with multiple media sources criticizing Fr. Perozich, while his own archdiocese refused to support him. His bishop, Robert McElroy, went so far as to make a speechover the weekend claiming that clergy should refrain from telling Catholics how to vote, either directly or indirectly.

Father Perozich spoke with to offer a response.

Father Perozich’s message.

VOTING CATHOLIC As children of God, we share in the ministry of Jesus to free the world from slavery to sin for goodness in Jesus, and to offer faith in Him that leads to everlasting life.

The sins to which our American society are enslaved today have come from our elected officials, appointed judges, and Catholics who have voted for them and supported them. These officials are unyielding in their imposition of sin upon us.

Among the slavery imposed upon us is killing the unborn child in the womb, abortion, even with monies from our taxes.  Another is the threat of punishment for rejecting homosexuality in all its forms: in its teaching in the schools, in “so called same sex marriage” with fines resulting in loss in business, income, and employment. A third enslavement is using embryos which have a soul as experiments. A fourth is cloning wherein now scientists are experimenting with human and animal DNA to create hybrid creatures. A fifth is euthanasia, the direct killing of human beings either with or without their consent. A sixth is the silencing of the Christian to express his faith in public, wherein our churches are complicit for fear of losing their tax exempt status. A seventh is the importation of immigrants whose religious values are to eradicate every belief except those of their own prophet and god, and to impose this on America. An eighth slavery is the government cave in to allow anyone to come into the country, and to support them monetarily, in part adding to a debt of $20 trillion, while paying Americans to sit home and not work, thus enslaving the soul of our own citizenry in depriving them of real work which sustains the immortal soul of a man and a woman. A ninth is playing policeman for the world, sending military might to try to control people who do not wish our presence in their affairs. A tenth is regulating the right to bear arms for free citizens in a nation where criminals and terrorists will always have weapons, and where government is now in opposition to the citizenry. And there are others wherein we are called to be as clever as serpents, yet guileless as doves.

The prince of this world is opposed to Jesus, to us, and to our efforts. Satan has deceived many Christians to convert to worldly values from Christian ones: from morality as given by God, to rights decided by politicians and judges; from truth of the Bible to the lies of the world; from true freedom in God, to slavery to socialism decided by the state; from biblical righteousness to fairness decided by those in authority through their own decisions; from God given freedom to a false equality of outcome with no basis in truth.

The devil does this through the tactics outlined by Saul Alinsky with the outcome as Hillary Clinton has stated, “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed”, to draw us away from God’s teachings regarding the sanctity of life to those of the world and its prince.

First, the Christian people are desensitized by a constant barrage of evil in the media: adultery, homosexuality, pornography, abortion, cloning, euthanasia. After we see these things so frequently, we become numb to the horror of their evil.

Second, the worldly people use “jamming”, harsh criticism against the truth of God and against those who proclaim it in order to silence any objection to Satan and his views.

Third, is conversion away from the classic Catholic terminology, theology, truth to an ambiguous language and different practice that permits sin along side the goodness of Jesus.

We see this conversion in our clergy who, instead of building up the faith of the Christians, despise us, call us names, or to jam us, or create things that don’t exist such as islamophobia and islamophobes, homophobia and homophobes. We are called by some bishops rosary counters, hiding behind Christian doctrine, pickled pepper-faced Christians, little monsters, fundamentalists, anesthetized Christians, among many other insults. We are called by politicians such as Hillary Clinton, deplorables.

In every election, a Catholic must choose an elector who promotes that Catholic’s beliefs, and rejecting one who is opposed to Jesus and his religious teachings. In 2004 Cardinal Ratzinger as prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith wrote to Cardinal McCarrick,

[N.B. A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for Holy Communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidate’s permissive stand on abortion and/or euthanasia. When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favor of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation, which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons.]

There is no utopian solution to all of the problems of this country. There is no amount of money that will solve poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, or whatever else ails us.

Jesus Christ is the only answer along with faith in Him. When you vote, regardless of your affinity or dislike for the personality of the candidate, vote Catholic to save your soul and to promote faith in Jesus and eternal life.

Protect the most vulnerable: the unborn, the terminally ill, religious freedom. Reject the sin that the governments have imposed on us. Know the candidate’s position on these things and what types of judges they will impose upon us. In the propositions, look carefully at how much more you want to pay in taxes, and if what those taxes will buy us are moral, Christian, and attainable, or do they merely serve an ideology that is already oppressing us.

Because of the loss of faith in Jesus and increasing dependence on government, the USA is at a crossroads of a continued downward trajectory as it has been on for these last years; or it can change. It depends on your faith in Jesus Christ and which candidates believe most what He has taught us to believe.

Pray for all the candidates. Vote for the one who most closely reflects Catholic truth.