Helena’s Election Night News Roundup. (Trump wins).


american-eagleThe latest news: Election night 2016

Latest election results around Florida including Pinellas County, Hillsborough, etc. Unfortunately Crist wins US House Seat and Charlie Justice wins back his seat on the Pinellas Co. Commission.

Charlie Crist wrests longtime GOP Pinellas seat from incumbent David Jolly

Crist revived his political career by winning a congressional seat that was held by Republicans for more than 60 years. Crist, a former Republican governor running as a Democrat, beat incumbent Republican Jolly by a relatively slim 52% to 48% margin in the 13th Congressional District..St. Pete’s Crist won the new parts of the district, added in a court-ordered redraw last year, and also managed to cut enough into Jolly’s Clearwater base to prevail in one of the most closely watched congressional races in the nation. Crist said his victory is an opportunity to bring stability to Congress. The race was contentious, but Crist said it was never personal.”Jolly was my opponent,” he said, “but he was never my enemy.”Jolly ended the race on an upbeat note.”Tonight is a turn in politics,” he said. “We may not have won the campaign … but I’ll look at the camera like we did and say, ‘Washington look out.'”

Marco Rubio Roars to Victory, Completing His Florida Comeback

“Sweet victory for Rubio, who clawed back from defeat in the Fl Repub primary eight months ago, to win reelection to the US Senate. It is a significant win for the Republicans, who were still struggling at this hour to hold on their majority in the Senate.When CNN called the race 8,870,141 votes had been cast, with Rubio leading 52.185 to Murphy’s 44.12%. Rubio beamed at his victory party. “This is a lot better than the last time I did one of these in Miami,” he told his supporters.When the next new day dawns, he said, Job No. 1 will be to begin the healing. “We can disagree on issues, but we cannot share a country where people hate one another,” he said.Congratulations via Twitter came in quickly from Rubio’s former presidential opponents, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.”

Here’s the full text of Donald Trump’s victory speech

Great Speech! :..Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division, have to get together. To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.It is time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be President for all of Americans, and this is so important to me. For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country…We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals. We’re going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, by the way, second to none. And we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.”

Trump victory is a win for the little guy over the elite

Must Read by Goodwin!! “Trump’s remarkable victory is their victory. It is a victory for democracy, for the common men and women of America.The factory workers, the vets, the cops, the kitchen help, people who plow the fields, make the trains run, pick up the trash and keep the country together and keep it moving — they are all now winners. As one, these cogs of our daily life rose up in a peaceful revolution, their only weapons the ballot box and their faith in the future.This, the greatest nation ever conceived on Earth, proved once again that America is exceptional because Americans are exceptional.Trump voters had the courage of their conviction to go against all their betters, all the poo-bahs and petty potentates of politics, industry and, above all, the fraudulent hucksters of the national liberal media.”

Government Workers Now Outnumber Manufacturing Workers by 9,977,000

“This increase of gov workers surpassing manufacturing workers is certainly not a healthy sign!! ” The US lost 9,000 manufacturing jobs in Oct while gaining 19,000 jobs in gov, according to data released by the Bur of Labor Statistics.Gov employment grew from 22,216,000 in Sept to 22,235,000 in Oct, according to BLS, while manufacturing jobs dropped from 12,267,000 to 12,258,000…The 22,235,000 employed by gov exceed the populations of 48 of the 50 states. Only CA, which the Census Bureau estimated had a population of 39,144,818 in 2015; and TX, which the Census Bureau estimated had a population of 27,469,114, had populations that exceeded the number of people in the country who work for gov”

Leaked Documents Reveal Billionaire George Soros Spends Hundreds of Millions of Dollars To Manipulate American Elections

Wow!! “Leaked funding docs reveal an effort by Soros and his founds to manipulate election laws and process rules ahead of the fed election far more expansively than has been previously reported.The billionaire and convicted felon moved hundreds of millions of dollars into often-secret efforts to change election laws, fuel litigation to attack election integrity measures, push public narratives about voter fraud, and to integrate the political ground game of the left with efforts to scare racial minority groups about voting rights threats.These Soros-funded efforts moved through dozens of 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) charities and involved the active compliance with civil rights groups, gov officials, and purportedly non-partisan groups like the League of Women Voters.”

EXCLUSIVE: It’s Full-Bore Ahead For FBI’s Clinton Foundation Probe

“FBI agents across the country are continuing to actively pursue a broad political corruption investigation of the Clinton Foundation, a probe that is consuming the resources in the FBI’s Little Rock, field office where every agent assigned to public corruption matters now is working on the case..“Everybody’s working the foundation in Little Rock,” . There at least 10 agents involved, but it’s possible the Little Rock field office is “pulling bodies from other programs.”The official previously told TheDCNF that an unprecedented FBI probe of the foundation was being waged in multiple cities. The DOJ has refused to cooperate with foundation investigation. “You need a prosecutor. And as we were going into this election season, this DOJ was not prepared to fully support the FBI’s tool box. I think that’s a big piece of the friction,” he said.”

Amnesty Would Cost Taxpayers Trillions, Report Indicates

Must Read! “The long-term costs to taxpayers of immigrants and their descendants are detailed in a new report from the Nat’l Acad of Sciences.The findings in the report indicate that if amnesty for illegal immigrants were enacted, the gov would have to raise taxes immediately by $1.29 trillion and put that sum into a high-yield bank account to cover future fiscal losses generated by the amnesty recipients and their children.To cover the future cost, each U.S. household currently paying federal income tax would have to pay, on average, an immediate lump sum of over $15,000…The NAS report shows that the fiscal balances of immigrants vary greatly according to ed level: Immigrants with low ed levels impose substantial fiscal costs that extend far into the future. The government benefits they will receive greatly exceed the taxes they will pay.”

These Patients Are Covered by Obamacare But Can’t Afford Treatment

“While Obamacare has brought health ins to millions of people, some in the prog are finding that the medical care they need is too expensive to actually use..While Obamacare has pushed the uninsured rate near a record low, a Commonwealth Fund study this year found that about 40% of adults in ACA plans aren’t confident they could afford care if they got sick..The ACA sets limits on out-of-pocket bills, capping costs at $7,150 for an individual and $14,300 for a family next year. While that can alleviate catastrophic debt, it can be less helpful in paying up front. Compounding the prob, premiums rise as people grow older.. A 60-year-old making $48,000 a year would need to spend 22% of income to buy the average mid-level plan, according to HealthPocket,.”

Feds Order Law Enforcement Agencies to HIRE Criminals as Cops

Won’t we feel safe now! Unbelievable!! “The Obama administration has taken its liberal, forced-diversity campaign to law enforcement with the administration’s latest request that law enforcement agencies dramatically lower their standards to get more people from “underrepresented communities” hired. Judicial Watch reported:In a push to hire minority police officers, the Obama administration is asking the nation’s 18,000 law enforcement agencies to forgive drug use, disregard criminal records of candidates from “underrepresented communities” and lower standards on written and physical exams. It’s part of the administration’s Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement initiative following a string of officer-involved shootings involving African Americans.”

MS-13 surging with influx of youths crossing border, 92% arrested illegal

Is America suidical?”The Latin American crime network MS-13, noted for machete attacks and schoolyard slayings, is using Obama’s loose immigration policies to recruit illegal youths across the border and into towns including Wash D.C., Boston, Miami and San Francisco, according to a new report out Fri.Three shocking new details from the Center for Immigration Studies show the problem: 92% of MS-13 gang members arrested are in the US illegally.— 80% of the tens of thousands of Latin American youths who’ve crossed illegally and were seized by authorities have subsequently been placed with other illegals, some with ties to the gang.In calls to track the so-called “unaccompanied alien children” placed with adults in the U.S. illegally, contact has been made with only 56%.”

Articles: Censoring Language as Offensive Violates the Constitution

Must Read! “The concept that language and actions should be censored or banned outright by public schools and public spaces because some persons may be offended violates the Constitution in many ways.One- it allows a tiny group of people to say they are offended and thereby censor the language of others. The 1st Amendment does not say that the freedom of speech can be infringed by somebody claiming to be offended by the exercise of someone else’s speech. This standard of personal feeling is not written anywhere into any right protected by the Constitution. Feelings are not relevant ..The 14th Amendment says that no state can pass a law that denies anyone equal protection. This means that a tiny group of people cannot have a right to censor language as offensive, and no one else.”

WikiLeaks: Clinton Foundation Plagued by Corruption and Conflict

Wow!”Nov 1, an email from Podesta provided perspective into the corrupt inner conflicts of the Clinton Foundation.“I cannot stress enough that if this is not handled appropriately it will blow up,” wrote Bill Clinton’s chief of staff to Podesta. The subject of the email was “CHAI” referring to the Clinton Health Access Initiative..Earlier in 2015, a memo was sent in which Magaziner claimed the overhead of the Clinton Foundation would be 39% of their funding if CHAI stats were not included.. The memo claims CHAI’s financial mismanagement almost led to the end of the organization in 2008. In exchange for offering CHAI discounted drugs to distribute abroad, pharmaceutical companies form an alliance with the most powerful couple in the world. They protect their domestic high prices, and the Clintons reap the publicity benefits of the philanthropic work.”

America’s “Arab Spring”

What a dupe!!”The goals of Obama in the Middle East ended the rule of most of the “secular” Arab leaders in the area. His views may have come from propaganda on why Muslim people supposedly lacked freedom there. Obama appears to have been told that if all these secular dictators could be brought down, a magnificent Arab Spring would blossom.This was precisely the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood: to get America’s help to topple the dictatorships– then mostly military and secular — but then to replace them with themselves, Islamists. The goals of the Muslim Brotherhood happened to be in tune with Obama’s goals in the Middle East. Obama’s first major presidential speech took place in Cairo before a large number of Islamic sheikhs and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They were empowered and given legitimacy by Obama.”