President-Elect Trump, The Slate is Clean and You Have my Support!

trump-winsBy David McKalip, M.D.

Last night Donald Trump convincingly won election to the office of President of our United States Government and America is better for it.  For over a year, I have been very vocal about my opposition to both Clinton and Trump. Today, I celebrate with abject joy as Clinton, her minions, her political supporters and corrupt apparatus are expelled from American government and hopefully American life. People are far better off with Clinton in defeat and gone from American life. Today, I also wipe the slate clean of my opposition to Donald Trump and heed his call for Americans to unite and to join him by offering solutions to help our nation. Trump stated: “For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.” Mr. Trump, you are my President. I thank you for driving the corrupt Hillary machine off the national stage. I thank you for speaking truths that have long been shouted down by liberals.  Today, I am more optimistic about the future of our nation and for my children than ever and it is because you won the election. Thank you President-Elect Trump!

I am very excited about the prospects of the implementation of the Trump agenda.  Here are some of the things you promised that I hope will be implemented as quickly as possible. (I will offer some “guidance” as called for by Trump in parentheses).

  • Place constitutional conservatives on the Supreme Court (only those with an originalist view of the constitution and a track record to back it up).
  • Cut and end regulations in America. (As many regulations as possible, not just those that favor some industries/Americans over others)
  • Reverse the many dangerous executive orders of President Obama. (All of them, even those that give extra, unconstitutional, power to the office of the President that would help you).
  • End the culture of corruption in D.C. (by decreasing the size and power of government, being transparent and not making and acting on an enemies list).
  • Keep us out of wars and foreign entanglements that are not in our national interest. (Not just the ones you don’t like, but all the ones that harm us and that have not been constitutionally approved by Congress).
  • Repeal Obamacare. (Don’t replace it with more government intervention and central planning in the medical economy. Stop all the Obamacare rules and other rules harming patients and doctors).
  • Cut Taxes. (For all Americans, not just those who are in politically favorable classes).
  • Protect the natural rights to bear arms. (Please favor armed self-protection, even if it harms you politically. Avoid unreasonable actions like banning guns for those on the government’s “terror watch list” without due process).
  • Build that wall! Support only LEGAL immigration! (enough said!)
  • Stop Islamic Jihadists from entering America! (Yes, do that extreme vetting and don’t waver!)
  • Cancel the Iran Nuclear deal. (enough said)
  • Cancel the Trans Pacific Partnership! (Please renegotiate deals that allow free and fair trade, not just deals that punish American companies seeking to escape excessive taxes and regulations in America – end those).

President-elect Trump, my fellow conservatives have voiced many concerns about the abuse of power of the office of President of our Federal government for years. Please accept the guidance from us that you called for to respect the constitution and the many limits it places on your office and the government in general. I pray that you will help Americans restore America to greatness because only we can. We know that it is not the government or who runs government that makes America great, it is a free people working in a peaceful and free market that make America great. I look forward to being able worry more about my own affairs and less about the intervention of government in our lives.

This American is proud today and more hopeful than ever. The long national nightmare of Obama and the continued dreariness of a possible Clinton Presidency are nearly over! However there are tough times ahead no matter what. I won’t blame you when the economy crashes as bad monetary, economic policies come home to roost over the next year or two. That is coming no matter what. I won’t blame you as globalists and Jihadists continue to foment war over the next year or two. I look forward to you navigating us through those waters so we can emerge from the necessary reset America needs to its economic conditions and international posture. However, I do hope that you will only lead America based on the founding principles of our country and not based on an activist and interventionist government. God Bless you Mr. Trump, God Bless America and God Bless Americans!


2 Replies:

  1. Kerry Brown

    Well said David. Reconciliation will be the topic of a lunch discussion group tomorrow (the 10th) at SPC downtown..Nature’s Table 12:30. In the context of Love thy enemies.
    The Foundry and FUMC

  2. Gary West

    The Latin phrase Vox Populi The Voice of the People comes to mind as does Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America”.
    The political ruling class in concert with the socialist progressive media have determined the we voters are so ignorant that they must guide and direct us to the proper ballot choices.
    Didn’t go quite as they planned.
    I stand with the good doctor in support of President-Elect Trump.

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