Liberal Rioters Lying, Actually Violating Civil Rights.

The anti-Trump rioters don't care about civil liberties. They care about oppressing freedom.

The anti-Trump rioters don’t care about civil liberties. They care about oppressing freedom.

“Not my President!” has been the shout of paid rioters falsely labelled as “protestors” by the liberal establishment. Liberal, socialist and other agitators have taken to the street ostensibly to protest the fair, uncontested election of a President of the United States. Along the way they block streets, paint graffiti, break windows, cause the government to spend limited police dollars and foment dissension in America. These agitators are acting in the most uncivil way while claiming to be standing for “Civil rights”. Yet they continue to demonstrate their true colors: liars who don’t truly care about civil rights. Liars who merely seek an opportunity to further damage America and oppress those who resist collectivist subjugation.

The anti-Trump rioter claim to be standing for civil rights is a complete farce and reveals these people as the liars they are. As they push propaganda that they will lose their “rights” in America, they trample callously over the rights of their fellow citizens. The most blatant hypocrisy is their blocking of roads for their demonstrations.  These streets and highways of America are a civil right of its citizens. These streets and highways have been bought and paid for by tax-paying Americans. It is their civil right to have open access to them unimpeded by mobs of rioters intent on shutting down civil commerce in America. When The Chris Christie goons shut down a bridge in New Jersey for political payback, the liberal media rightly complained for months of the ambulances blocked by the move. But when thousands of George Soros paid agitators, misguided knuckleheads and useful idiots block freeways, roads and more, the media lauds these simpletons and criminals as “heroes”.

Here in St. Petersburg the Tampa Bay Times ran a puff piece about these agitators marching down Central Avenue on November 13, lauding the “cheers” of onlookers. Those supporting trump were portrayed as villainous racists worthy of derision. As is typical of Pravda West (Tampa Bay Times), they led with an unverified claim of a teenager that a student at a local high school called her a “liberal Mexican dyke”. The problem is that liberals are known to make up lies to support their cause (Alinsky teaches them that the ends justify the means), making such claims hard to believe. These people are no heroes, they are law-breakers disturbing the peace and destroying the civil liberties of others. The Times reported on the gay man complaining “it’s easy to minimize discrimination…when you are not the one whose civil liberties are being threatened.” So this civil libertarian marched along the road, blocking people from going about their business that night. This after Trump lauded the gay community in his acceptance speech at the Republican convention and supported full access to bathrooms for transgendered in North Carolina during the primary. Facts don’t seem to matter much to the propaganda pedaling gay lobby who routinely trample over the civil rights of small business owners who would rather not be forced to show up at a so-called gay wedding with a state-mandated cake.

Many in St. Pete will remember the destruction of the Baywalk business complex by so-called “protestors” during the term of President Bush. Liberal bongo-beaters would turn out in Nazi uniforms, goose-stepping and shouting along the sidewalk. They would block the sidewalk and demand the right to shout and beat drums. All while peaceful citizens were exercising their civil liberties to simply go out at night with their loved ones and take a break from the work week in peace. It seemed then, as it does now, that the idea of civil liberties is in the jaundiced eye of the beholder. If you agree with the so-called civil liberties of liberals, then you are entitled to a hero’s treatment and free access to block streets, sidewalks and destroy the peace for others. However, if you believe in the founding principles of our country and limited constitutional government that does not enforce the will of elitists on everyone else – well you’re a racist.

These agitators proudly state they will keep fighting for civil liberties by harming that of others. The Occupy Wall Street crowd did this in 2011. Here in St. Pete “occupiers” would bring large crowds to public places without a permit. Meanwhile conservatives had to go through lengthy permitting, buy insurance protecting the city from the event and hire police to guard the event. The Black Lives Matter crowd stages a “die in” directly in the street here in St. Pete (2014) and the Police department’s official position is that they should be left alone- to maintain the peace (for the “welfare of the whole”).

These rioters, agitators and phony protestors should be recognized by peaceful citizens with the most appropriate designation – liars. They don’t care about civil liberties, they care about imposing their will on you. They don’t care about rights of others, only the false right to disrupt others to agitate for their extremist political agenda. These liars want others under their liberal, collectivist thumb – not free to live in peace in the civil society ordinary hard working people have paid for and built. These liars don’t have a clue about what true rights are. They know nothing of natural rights and actually believe that rights are “granted” by the government. They know that if the government grants a right then they can agitate to have the government take away the rights of those who they hate. The haters are destroying America with their phony protests about over-blown problems that are largely mythical. There is one agenda only: destroy freedom, limited constitutional government and the people who would protect the same.

The time has come for citizens to demand that their local governments do what they are supposed to do – protect the rights of citizens and businesses when others attack those rights. When agitators march along the street and block traffic, the mayor should instruct the police to arrest them. When rioters shut down construction of a lawful oil pipeline in North Dakota – the governor should call in the national guard and haul them off to jail. When black lives matter rioters loot businesses, they should be surrounded, arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Little do these rioters care that the government was designed to protect our natural rights – not dispense rights to others. When citizens demand their government protect our rights and chase these lying, hypocrite, agitators back under their rock, then we will have peace. Then we will have justice.


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  1. Gary West

    Interesting to note that “protestors” in Portland, Oregon polled revealed that 70+% of these snowflakes and buttercups either didn’t vote or were not even registered to vote.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Thanks for providing the video evidence that these agitators were blocking the lawful egress of cars down central avenue.
      Where was their permit to block those streets? Where was there paid police security that is always required for gatherings such as these?
      Oh, the taxpayers paid for it and they get it for free while they block traffic.

      Yup, Rob, you proved my point.
      The snowflakes need some serious deprogramming from years of government-school and liberal indoctrination.

    2. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Oh, that’s precious. A Sign at a time mark 48 seconds says “Only Socialism can defeat Trump”. pre-printed undoubtedly for Socialist “ACtion” from George Soros.
      Thing is, that Americans just rejected 8 years of Obama Socialism!

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