New American Pilgrims Seek Freedom, a New Thanksgiving


By David McKalip, M.D.

In 1620, Pilgrims landed in the new world, fleeing religious persecution and seeking self-determination and freedom. In 2016, after years of religious, cultural and economic persecution, new American Pilgrims have boarded ship for a new world seeking freedom and self-determination again – in our own land. Americans have recognized that control by their “betters” has not lead to the peace and prosperity promised for so long by elitists. A small group of 17th century pilgrims threw off the yoke of a dictatorial King who demanded religious and economic servitude. Like them, Modern Americans have decided to seek a new shining city on the hill, right within the borders of the Country they have owned all along: America.

Americans have freedom, entrepreneurial spirit and grand dreams within their DNA. We are a people cobbled together from millions of people across the globe and over hundreds of years. These disparate pilgrims threw off oppression and economic stagnation in their own lands whether from 17th and 18th Century European Monarchies, 20th Century socialist and communist governments or lawless lands of Central America. We have all come together into a great American melting pot heeding the call of the Great Lady of the New York Harbor inviting “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. Four centuries of pilgrims came to America for new opportunities. They came seeking a land where the arbitrary whims of their betters would not determine their lives. They sought to throw off a “rule of man” where a king, warlord, bureaucrat, drug kingpin or commissar would decide what the law was at that particular moment – exercised with unequal justice. These four centuries of pilgrims instead sought a land where they would create the government and lend only very limited powers to it. A government with a “rule of law” would provide a predictable set of conditions for them to carry out their plans to obtain their dreams. A land where failure meant only another opportunity among other pilgrims in the free market, rather than subservience to a strongman who bailed them out – at the price of their servitude.

The Americans of 2016 are riding on our own Mayflower, weathering the stormy seas of change. We have left behind an elite class that made life a dreary existence of oppression, despair and failed economies. We are sailing forward toward the hope of setting a beachhead on the shores of freedom. A land where we will be able to exercise our natural rights –the rights that came from “nature and nature’s God”- rather than the false, mercurial rights “granted” by a President, Congress, regulatory agency or city hall. We modern American Pilgrims have recognized that we create the most good for society when we secure the rights to ourselves granted at our creation: individual liberty, self-defense, property rights, due process, free speech, and free practice of religion among others. Our fellow modern pilgrims have learned that when we put our labor to the soil and produce the fruits of our labor, they are best distributed to our fellow man in a free market where fellow traders set the lowest price and seek the highest value. A market where the courts protect our property rights and enforce honest contracts, rather than impose their will for some false “social justice”. As American pilgrims we remember the lessons of the original Plymouth settlers whose experiment with communal socialism failed so miserably, they rejected it quickly – on the verge of starvation. The bounty that came from the exercise of their rights in a free market was the source of a successful trading system with the Indians, allowed them to pay their debts to their European sponsors and attracted more commerce to the New World. Thus it was the free market that saved the Pilgrims, not the Indians. The modern American Pilgrim knows that it will be the free market that will save them and their beloved United States. The Plymouth Colony leader Bradford recognized that the collectivist model made strong men lazy, and that freedom and self-determination created prosperity and peace.

The 21st century American Pilgrim ventures forth to breathe free, not looking back at the yoke of religious, economic and cultural oppression they gladly threw off. We American Pilgrims know that no elitist can create prosperity by deciding who works when, how they work and how much they may earn. The huddled masses have rejected a system of connected cronies that crushes competitors as it drives up prices while choice and quality decline. The modern pilgrim know that no enterprise can succeed when its owner must worship at the altar of economic planning that destroys whole industries through a government that sets the conditions, expenses and profits of their businesses to serve extreme political agendas of those with bizarre moralities. Citizen pilgrims know that societies fail when they are burdened with politically motivated dictates that destroy the very fabric of a moral society based in natural law. They tire of remaining silent lest they be ground into poverty by those extreme minorities who have seized control of an unrestrained government apparatus seeking submission to their corrupt and grotesque visions.  Yes, common sense, freedom and hard work run deep in the blood of American pilgrims and they can sense and reject when truth has been labelled false, when dark is portrayed as light, and evil called good.

We pilgrims have survived the latest iteration of the collectivist oppression, but the reach of these very patient tyrants is long. But we Pilgrims have more common sense and respect for the laws of nature and nature’s God than any tyrant we have escaped. We will remain wary of the constant quest for power of the slouching dictator uttering platitudes about equality as they shout down and molest the good and the normal. We know that families of men and women married to create children create strong, prosperous societies. We Pilgrims seek the society where we can worship God as we see fit. We know that worship and reverence for God provides the moral social basis that overcomes the immoral, hedonistic self-centeredness that have brought down societies ranging from Sodom and Gomorrah, the Roman Empire, 18th Century France, and the Weimar Republic. As we land at our new port of freedom and rebuild the American Shining City on the Hill, we will serve as a beacon for freedom to all once more. Our freedom and respect for the individual over the collective will create the strongest most secure nation that tyrants and armies may threaten, but never defeat. As we remember that God is on his throne and act accordingly, we new American Pilgrims can reclaim our birthright: a free land with constitutionally limited government, equal opportunity, personal responsibility and initiative that best creates the peace and prosperity toward which we journey.  We have much for which to be thankful and the new American pilgrim will create a 21st Century thanksgiving that will echo for centuries, based in freedom and reverence for God.