Tampa Bay Times “Fake News” Propaganda – Why You should Discount this False Narrative.


*There are so many fake news stories by the Tampa Bay Times that one would blow up the internet listing all of them. The Tampa Bay Times is the undisputed regional champion of fake news – the fibbing philanders of fabricated flows of frankly false phenomenon. 

The Tampa Bay region’s largest purveyor of fake news is complaining about, of all things, “fake news”. The Tampa Bay Times has joined the latest liberal/progressive nationwide propaganda campaign designed to stifle dissent and free speech. The liberal media has had the greatest clinical case of pathologic lying in modern history, and they are proving it by continuing to lie: about lying. The crux of the fibbing philanders of fabricated flows of frankly false phenomenon is that they and only they should be allowed to define “the truth”.  The goal of the “fake news” crowd is to launch a pogrom against all with whom they disagree such that they will be wiped from the mind of the public as credible sources. These liberal media outlets are the liars and they prove it every day. Therefore, anything they say on their pages and broadcasts should be treated as false or misleading until proven otherwise.

The “fake news” propaganda is being perpetrated at places like Facebook where Mark Zuckerberg has promised to cleanse these dangerous thoughts from the social media platform. The liberally-biased Zuckerburg is apparently working to implement software to remove posts with “misleading words” from the site.  Google is teaming with Facebook to stop “fake news” from showing up on its searches. It is not clear if they will actually state “Big Brother” has decided that 2+2=5 and therefore your post is “fake”. We may all have more confidence in discerning what is “fake” on Google, since they are worked for years to censor free speech in the communist tyranny called China. Perhaps they will ensure that google searches on the news only produce what is compliant with the spirit of Mao’s Little Red Book! Perhaps the Tampa Bay Times will ensure that we also burn certain books containing “fake news” since we know that they will ignite at Fahrenheit 451 and protect people from dangerous thoughts – allowing them to return to their “reality” TV families.

Let’s take a look at a sampling* of the amazing “real news” of the Tampa Bay Times.

  1. Politifact- The Times has made it easy to know what is “real” and what is “fake” with their convenient “politifact” meter that ranges from “pants on fire” to “True”. Any routine reading of the politi-“fact” meter shows how they discount key facts or grasp on to a single word out of context to downgrade truths they dislike toward falsehood and defend lies they like toward “truth”. For more on this, look at the “Politifact Bias” blog that routinely exposes their “flimfammery”, bias and mistakes.
  2. Greenlight Pinellas – The Times pushed hard for the massive government boondoggle to build a light rail system in Pinellas County. They claimed that only rail would help our economy while ignoring the GDP growth and tourist success without it. They even claimed that the polls supported it, denying that the polling here at Sunbeam times predicting a 61 percent defeat was accurate. Turns out those polls were dead on. They claimed that a 300% tax hike was, “not so”, but their lie was easily disproven. They even cleansed stories on the Republican Party opposition to greenlight.
  3. The St. Petersburg Pier – The Times agitated routinely for government funds to build a new pier – only recently changing its mind after it is clear that their prior narratives pushing the white elephant were, well, false.
  4. St. Petersburg Government – They routinely falsely claim that there the city has “budget shortfalls”, when in fact the government is merely spending over budget or the Times is pushing for a tax hike. They push money-losing recycling by government while complaining about private recycling. They constantly advocate (with their false narratives) for higher taxes, bigger government, less freedom, central economic planning by our government and protection of those classes of people preferred by the elitist Tampa Bay Times (and destruction of those disliked by the elite).
  5. Bayfront Medical Center – The Times perpetrated the completely false story that Bayfront Medical Center, under the ownership of Community Health Systems, was depriving the community of charity care when in fact they delivered more than any other hospital in Pinellas County. This was exposed in the Sunbeam Times Truth Checks part 1 and part 2.
  6. Climate Change and Sea Level Rise – The Times consistently offers stories, every month or week, supporting the hoax that global warming is a man made phenomenon which man can change with government action. They continue regular stories pushing the phony and disproven narrative that sea levels are rising faster than in the past due to the global warming hoax.
  7. Supporting Obamacare – The Tampa Bay Times has supported the phony claims of better, cheaper insurance coverage under Obamacare for years. They even falsely claimed a majority supported it, while ignoring that twice as many opposed it. They falsely claimed that the legislative intent of Obamacare was to support subsidies.

Why does the Times keep pushing their false news stories? Simple; they are trying to create propaganda and false narratives to help float the failed liberal and progressive policies they support. They need to try to brainwash the population with ideas that “capitalism” is evil and that the earth is overpopulated. They need to work to get people to embrace the idea that the solution for every conceivable problem is more government, more regulation, more taxes and more power in the hands of elitists. They desperately need to cleanse away any effort to tell the truth about things like the Pier, the Rail, Obamacare, Climate change and the community benefit of businesses and others who succeeded without help from the elite power structure. (They also need to ignore or destroy those who tell the truth in every way possible, to accomplish the same goals).

The Tampa Bay Times should have little to no credibility for any of its readers. As a reader and subscriber I look at it only as way to see what community events are happening, what the weather and sports teams are doing, to read the funnies and to keep track of the liberal propaganda to better help defend against it.  The biggest perpetrator of “fake news” in the Tampa Bay Region? The Tampa Bay Times – the fake news champion! When will we have a company that is able to stand up to these propagandists and put some truth on our doorstep? One day. Maybe one day we will have a newspaper that really tells the truth. For now lets recognize this truth. The effort to label other views as “fake” is among the most dangerous assaults possible on freedom, thought and a free society. Shame on the hypocrite liars, the Tampa Bay Times for seeking to cleanse truth from our society under the propaganda banner of “fake news”.



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  1. Art Zelenak

    Accurately and well written. I cancelled my subscription nearly 20 years ago. I can’t in good conscience “help” them spew their lying, liberal propaganda.

    Thanks for your posts!!


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