The Electoral College Serves our Republic and Her Citizens – Again.

us-constitutionBy David McKalip, M.D.

This week the Electoral College elected the next President of the federal government of our United States. Donald Trump received 306 votes, surpassing the required 270 and will be inaugurated as President on January 20, 2017 assuming Congress certifies the results on January 6 (Hillary Clinton earned 232). As is typical, those who dislike the Constitution of our federal government are propagating overt falsehoods about the Electoral College and the very nature of the construct of our political system itself. These un-American apparatchiks seek to dismantle our governing paradigm to move power from the hands of the people so that an elite political class can control and abuse average citizens from high seats of unearned power. To be clear, the progressive, elite political class sought destruction of America and a coup to overthrow a duly elected President of the United States. Thankfully they failed as Americans prevailed once again against agitators, infiltrators, propagandists, tyrants, kings and oligarchs as we occupy the shining city on the hill.

The plotters against the Electoral College continue to deceive in many ways. They inaccurately claim America is a “democracy”, when in fact it is a Republic. Our Founders knew that mobs of people can work in a democracy as a “tyranny of the majority” to violate the rights of minorities and individuals. Thus they ensured that our Electoral College would overcome the concept of a “popular vote” whereby candidates could focus only on large cities to earn votes while ignoring all others. A simple look at the largely red election map of the USA shows they were very wise in this regard.  The enemies of our nation sought to have voters in Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Manhattan, Boston, Atlanta, along the Texas/Mexico border and Miami dictate to all others how the federal government would be run. How Ironic now that there is an effort by Californians’ to secede from the Union (Calexit) when they provided about 2 million of the 3 million vote margin for Hillary in the Popular vote.  The hypocrisy of seeking to secede and at the same time demand that their vote count more than allowed by the constitution should reveal these agitators as untrustworthy revolutionaries.  They demonstrate why no one should believe anything they say at face value. (By the way, I will gladly defend and fund the secession of California from the rest of the nation – it can’t happen quickly enough)!

There is another purpose to the electoral college: respect for a federal system of government by states. Our Federal government was created by the states – not the other way around. The Federal government exists only because the states created it and thus the states must have equitable control over the centralized power.  Thus states like Utah, Idaho and South Dakota need to have their voices heard strongly to overcome being ignored and marginalized by the more populous states. It is a hallmark of a federal republic to have a representative democracy where people vote for those at a state level who then vote for the President – representing them to the federal level. To ask state electors to ignore the majority will of their state citizens is the only true violation of democracy that the un-American anti-Constitutional crowd seeks. To then ask the nation to ignore the process of a state-based, constitutional Electoral College system is an insult and a threat to the Republic itself and each American.

Those claiming to seek “justice” by ensuring “every vote counts” are actually working for injustice and to deny the power of the vote in our republic when they push for a popular vote. They claim that Alexander Hamilton would have wanted the electoral college to not vote for Trump based on references to the Federalist papers. It is a demonstration of their bald-face hypocritical lies that this anti-constitutional, anti-foundational group of leftist statists would refer to the founders and their intent so selectively. These collectivists and socialists proudly and regularly mock and diminish the constitution, original intent and the founding documents when it serves their purposes. They cling to Hamilton only now since they have turned him into an inaccurate, pop-culture, hip-hop caricature of himself in some Broadway production (likely designed to create revisionist history for their other political purposes). They bleat about the Electoral College only selecting “worthy” candidates and ignore what Hamilton actually wrote in Federalist 68 on the Electoral college when he warned how the Electoral College and process must be insulated from the “heats and ferments, which might be communicated from them to the people”. In other words Hamilton and the founders knew that partisan politics would seek to influence the Electoral College and thus they created its many layers of protections by making it a state-based process.

If the statists want to know what to do about the Electoral College they need merely read and respect the Constitution of the United States. The anti-American agitators who sought to shut down our constitutional system of election should not be trusted on any issue and should be rejected by Americans everywhere. When you hear a person crying for a dominance of the “popular vote” for President, then remember to also reject their cries for more government power, taxation and elitist agencies to control our lives for their phony vision of “social justice”. When you hear any person whining about how the Electoral College generated an unjust result, reject also their claims of institutional racism and a land of “white supremacy”. The statists have revealed themselves for who they are: enemies of Americans who seek to live free from the coercive power of an unbridled government. Give them as much credit as you would any other thug who threatens your property, your family or your life. Then thank God that once again the vision of the founding fathers of our American Republic prevailed and Americans can be secure to be protected from an abusive elite by our Constitution.