2017: Resolving to Ignore Liberal Lies. Part I – National Lies.

2017-resolutionsBy David McKalip, M.D.

As 2017 approaches, Sunbeam Times Founder and Editor offers some resolutions to consider: Progressive and liberal lies to kill. Of late, the collectivists among us have decided that since they can’t convince people to adopt their warped view of reality, they will label reality as “fake news”. The hypocrisy is obvious since most of what they peddle for public consumption is, in fact, completely false or severely misleading. They attempt to support their argument of the “fake news” narrative by conflating obvious false conspiracies alongside their claims that any one reporting obvious realities are lying.  A good recent example is Craig Pittman’s story in the Tampa Bay Times over the weekend that got re-warmed for the TBT circular placed all over town for “free” (ignore the advertising revenue please). The TBT cover shows a Tinfoil hat covered head of a man and with a story headline asking “Why do tinfoil hats glow more in Florida”. He then points to the obviously kooky people who claim the Sandy Hook massacre was a government hoax and that some live in Florida. He then points out past silly theories (e.g.  faked moon landings, JFK and Elvis are alive) and equates them with the correct conclusion “climate change is a lot of hooey”. See how that works? It is a prime example of fake news: conflate (juxtapose) two separate ideas (one obviously false and one obviously true) and indicate that anyone who believes one truth must also believe one lie. A nice demonstration of fake news technique 101 from a known climate change hoax perpetrator for the Times (Pittman) who writes endlessly on (false) acceleration of natural sea level rise, so-called “man-made” global warming and the need for massive government and worldwide intervention to stop it.

This recent exercise in propaganda by a liberal Tampa Bay Times journalist provides an opportunity to help those with common sense resolve to ignore the lies of collectivists, statists, progressives, social justice warriors and liberals. Let’s look at some national and more local issues that deserve some common sense treatment in 2017. When you hear people pushing these lies, discount everything else they say as another lie. Remember, they perpetrate these lies for several nefarious goals: bigger government to control and harm your life, personal gain for power or money, globalist agendas designed to destroy our sovereignty and individual freedom and equal misery for all – even those with natural talent or a better work ethic.

National Lies to Ignore (all with vast local implications).

Russian “Election Hacking” – No, the Russians did not break into our ballot boxes, electronic voting machines or the supervisor of election databases to give Donald Trump a win over Hillary Clinton (Obama acknowledged this himself). Hillary’s legacy of lying and arrogance and Obama’s failed policies were all that were needed, along with a candidate that Americans saw as speaking common sense to power. There was a hack of the Democratic national committee computers and Hillary’s emails that exposed her as a liar (with no hack of the RNC servers accomplished) – but that merely exposed the truth about Hillary he liar. (Furthermore some DNC Bernie supporters did some exposing of these emails too!). The Truth was she was a crooked politician surrounded by a corrupt class of sycophants and puppeteers. Resolve to ignore the Russian “election hacking” claims and look for truth about who hacked and what was actually done.

Obamacare helped people– The liberals are running around playing their broken record about how America has the worse health system in the world, millions go bankrupt because of medical care and that only government control of our health economy will solve these fake problems. In the meantime insurance rates have gone up and doctors are being turned into rationing agents for the state by imposing financial and other penalties on them if they don’t ration and follow cookbook medicine standards. Obamacare supporters claim that 20 million people have gained insurance under Obamacare, neglecting to mention that millions of those were people who lost their good health insurance due to Obamacare regulation and millions more were put on the medical insurance ghetto called Medicaid.  Resolve to discount the Obamacare supporters and work for true free market economies in health care.

Mans’ actions are responsible for climate change – This is a favorite of the liars. The goal is to have the UN create standards for how often we drive, where we drive, what we drive, how long the lights stay on, how many cows we farm, where we live, what our homes look like, how much carbon we may create and more. The progressives in American want the US government to impose these “climate change” Paris accords on Americans with oppressive government regulations to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist. It turns out the climate is changing as it has always changed for eons on earth – once we had ice ages, now we don’t. The woolly mammoth didn’t go extinct because the cavemen were driving Cadillac Escalades and refused to shut down their electric clothes driers. Resolve to tell the climate change kooks that they need to study more and stop preaching bumper sticker politics.

Corollary climate lie: the seas are rising faster  – The climate change crowd insists that we will all be drowning soon because men and women dare to read at night by electric light, aren’t living in narrowly defined Agenda 21 population corridors and eating crickets instead of factory farmed cows. Yet the data on the rate of sea level rise indicates it is going up no faster than in the past century. Ignore this liberal scare tactic and resolve to go to the beach or fish off a local sea wall where the water is at the same level as decades ago.

Institutional Racism – The social justice crowd likes to ignore that the 13th amendment abolished slavery, that Jim Crow laws are long gone, that there are no more poll taxes, and that government imposed segregation is gone. They claim that the fact that more blacks are incarcerated, fail in our schools, have worse job profiles proves there is a built in racism in America – they call it “Institutional racism” or the “new Jim Crow”. While it is true that a few drug laws hurt people from excessive crack sentencing guidelines, one needs to ask – why are people using crack? If one attempts to ask any black activist why people are committing crimes, they should be prepared to be shouted down and visciously slandered for “attacking the victim”. Whaa? Ask why people are committing crimes and going to jail is an act of compassion designed to affect real change in behavior. The black lives matter crowd continues to launch false claims of an America of “white supremacy” and of cops targeting blacks for police shootings when the facts simply don’t support their claims. The race-baiters need to be ignored; resolve to tell them to look inward for problems in their own community that can be easily solved with commitment to faith, family and hard work.

Guns are the source of violence in America– It turns out that it is criminals, terrorists and Islamic jihadists that misuse tools of destruction. They make bombs from pressure cookers, drive semi-trucks into crowds, hack at people with knives in malls and on college campuses and get guns for mass shootings. Cities with the strictest gun laws seem to have the most shootings (ahem, Chicago). When you hear these agitators calling for stricter gun laws, resolve to ignore them and remember that an armed society is a polite society.

Millennials are a monolithic group Philosophically – To listen to a progressive, anyone born from 1982-2002 is a liberal, socialist, anti-car, pro-big government social justice warrior who insists that humanity stop breathing out any Carbon dioxide to save the planet from man-made climate change. Uh, no. These people are like all others of past generations. Many young people start liberal but as they grow they recognize their errors and become conservative. (Disraeli said, “A man who is not liberal at 20 has no heart; a man who is not conservative at 40 has no brain”). They are probably more likely to reject liberal statism given the vast failures in their lives as college tuition costs have skyrocketed due to federal intervention and jobs have disappeared under Obama. Resolve to stop labeling people with a certain political philosophy because of their birthday.

Income equality should be the goal of Americans and Humanity – Another liberal stalking horse is the notion that everyone should earn the same amount of money and that if a person is rich they got it from theft from others. In their mind no small business, large corporation or any institution can earn an honest profit since they only way to earn “evil profit” is through corrupt activities that “rape the masses”. Such good disciples of Karl Marx would make him proud. Sadly, the 1% are not the problem for the 99% and large centrally planned economies with price and wage controls, heavy regulations and a “social justice” agenda have failed men for over a century. To prove this merely witness the Soviet Union, FDR’s extended depression due to the New Deal, National Socialist (NAZI) Germany, Communist China and North Korea, Socialist Europe, Venezuela and Cuba. When a liberal calls for “income inequality”, resolve to tell them to check their facts and remember what Churchill said about the goal of socialism being to make “everyone equally miserable”.

Tomorrow – Some Local Lies to Resolve to Ignore….



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  1. kersten vogler

    Healthcare – how can this system work if not all share these risks? Is this not the best way to replace Obama care? This can be a private system, not Government bureaucracy

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      There is no true “private system” when the insurance companies get government subsidies for health insurance, government regulations to back new forms of rationing and monopoly control to quash the competition.

  2. John Banner

    GW/Climate Change is about the redistribution of western wealth. The US alone has sent billions of dollars to other countries, via line items in Omnibus bills to UN, and to UN groups like IPCC, etc.

    GW reseach in other countries also gets US funds indirectly from World Bank, IMF, and EPA grants.

  3. Pam

    I would like to see freer markets in health care whereby insurance companies bid across state lines. Competition is healthy.
    I am also a firm believer in medical savings accounts thereby placing the consumer in control of health care costs.

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