2017: Resolving to Ignore Liberal Lies. Part II – Local Lies.

The Greenlight Tax, if enacted, will never face another vote to repeal it again.

The Sunbeam Times works to uncover the truth on common liberal lies.

By David McKalip, M.D.

The Sunbeam Times concludes its suggested new years resolutions on liberal lies to kill in 2017 (see part I). This time it is on local issues. Yesterday’s topics all apply locally since they are part of a larger national and international agenda to further place individual citizens under the control of government bureaucracies, the arrogant elite and the culturally profane. The basic topics covered yesterday included lies on:  Russian “Election Hacking”, Obamacare helping people,  Mans’ actions being responsible for climate change, and the corollary lie that the seas are rising faster, Institutional Racism, Guns as the source of violence in America, Millennials as a monolithic group philosophically, and income equality as a rational goal of Americans and Humanity.

You will see how these national and globalist liberal lies filter through to become local lies as the progressives (Democrats and Republicans), statists, collectivists and liberals march on toward their utopia where individual freedom is granted by authorities only to those who “deserve” it.

Tampa Bay lies to Ignore (a short list since their are so very many!)

Sewage Spills were due to ignored infrastructure – Mayor “Sewage dump” Kriseman ignores his culpability and that of city government that resulted in hundreds of millions of gallons of sewage dumped into our Tampa Bay estuary. As a result they face an $800,000 fine from the state which would surely have been an $8 million fine if committed by a private company, rather than a local government. Kriseman and his liberal city council sycophants bleat about the “aging” underground sewage pipes that collect excess water during wet conditions. Yet they don’t tell the truth about how they intentionally shut down tens of millions of gallons of sewage storage capacity at the Albert Whitted Sewage plant so they could build a fish farm! Of course past Mayor “Silly Billy” Foster was just as much to blame for shutting down the sewage plant for “economic development” reasons. Ah, the progressives of both parties at their “best”. Next time you hear of the need for a massive tax hike to “fix the infrastructure” so that union government workers and cronies can get more sweet infrastructure deals, resolve to tell them to jump in the sewage-laden bay and fix it on the massive budget they have already (and to prioritize sewage over fish farms and cronyism).

St. Petersburg must have a new Pier! – Yup, the politicians are at it again, demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for a massive white elephant pier on our water front. No matter that they intend to create a large patch of sod over saltwater (“Pier Park”) or that the rest of the project will still require millions of taxpayer dollars EVERY YEAR to run and maintain. They offer propaganda about how they must build the pier or lose money on bonds, without acknowledging that shutting down the project now would save tens of millions for the taxpayers. As always, more doo-dads and “enhancements” are dreamed up at greater cost as the emerging economic fiasco continues to rage like Franken-pier’s monster in Downtown St. Pete. When you hear a St. Pete politicians stating we MUST build a pier, resolve to tell them to come up with the money out of their own pockets or from private investors who can pay for it themselves.

Tampa Bay MUST have mass Transit – No matter how many times citizens or the voters stop massive rail projects, or mass transit boondoggles, the politicians and their corrupt crony supporters rise like a zombie from the grave to attack. They insist that without rail we will fail as a tourist economy, despite record tourism numbers these past years. Without transit the “millennials” will be unhappy, despite the fact that all people age and most eventually want cars. Without a choo-choo train, big companies won’t come here and economic development can’t happen, while ignoring that massive wealth transfer from taxation of citizens to well-connected cronies. The next time a politicians brags about the benefits of mass transit, resolve to pull back the curtain and show everyone that the Wizard of Transit Laws is a fraud.

Transit corollary: Uber is a menace to society –  Oh how the government regulators HATE private enterprise. There is only to be one type of enterprise permitted by the statist, the progressive and collectivist – a government sponsored entity subject to regulation by an arrogant elite. Case in Point – Uber. The local governments can’t stand to see average citizens using their cars and some smartphone/GPS technology to earn a little extra cash for themselves (while providing services consumers prefer). They claim that without the help of our amazing government overseers, the Uber drivers will be murdering their riders, stealing their money, or worse….harming the environment! What they really want is just more tax money (the St. Pete City government may chase Uber out with a $60/per car driver tax). They also want to make sure that they keep the cab companies under their thumb for more government revenue and the cab companies don’t mind seeing government shut down the competition. When you hear a government official whining that they must regulate Uber for the “common good”, resolve to tell them to deregulate and stop taxing all private transport – including the cab companies. The Market will prevail

The Government can end poverty – This oldie but goodie will never die among the lying politician, social justice warrior, welfare abuser or corrupt crony looking to take a government handout. City Council Woman Darden Rice and her friends continues to actually claim that local government action can end poverty. They push the “2020 plan” to cut poverty yet, as 2020 approaches, their efforts continue to produce exactly the benefits government efforts have always produced – NOTHING!  Council woman Rice, the Liberal standard bearer in Pinellas, even stated in an April 28, 2015 TB Times piece that her plans will “eliminate poverty in the south side”. She and others ignore the failures of LBJ’s “War on Poverty” and Jesus Christ’s wisdom “The poor you will always have with you”. The next time a local politician claims they actually will end poverty with their government initiatives, resolve to laugh in their face and then ignore anything else they say on any subject. Then resolve to take your own charitable, private action to help the poor directly through financial aid and actions that better the ability of your fellow men and women to help themselves.

Government pension plans are well funded and secure. – To get elected, politicians of both major political parties routinely provide excessive pay, pension and retiree health benefits for government workers. In exchange, these unionized workers turn out to walk door to door to get people elected and re-elected. Pointing out simple facts about insolvency of these plans is an invitation for political attack by the political class. The City of St. Petersburg tell you to ignore the fact that there is zero funding for the $169 million retiree health benefits promised for city employees who stopped working years ago. They say look away from the charts showing that about $50 million per year in tax dollars must pay for this now, compared to a few million a decade ago. They say not to worry that there is only about 80% funding of retiree pension plans that are based on assumptions of 7.75% -8% annual returns on investment to even reach that number. The next time the city of St. Pete government claims that there is no problem with these pension plans, resolve to ask them why they must keep raising property taxes to fund them – and then vote them out of office.

A Tampa Bay Rays Stadium Must be funded by the Taxpayers  – The local political class, the Chamber of Crony Corporatism and government officials are going to demand that the taxpayers foot the bill for a new baseball stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays. They will offer old bromides about the “economic development” benefit of such a stadium. They will fear-monger of massive economic collapse if the Rays leave the city. What they won’t tell you is that both the Brookings (liberal) and Cato (Constitutional) Institute have shown in good studies that taxpayer funded stadiums do not help local economies, they merely re-distribute the money to the wealthy and well-connected. When you hear the local political elite demand a bond (a loan with interest paid by the taxpayers) or higher taxes for a stadium, resolve to enjoy watching baseball on TV and tell them to the Rays to buy their own stadium with their own money.

Pinellas county and city governments need higher tax revenues – The local politicians seem to ignore the housing foreclosure and property tax crisis they helped precipitate that blossomed in 2007. They are gleefly celebrating as property values go up on paper and riding the wave (again) to collect more property taxes from citizens every year. The money goes to fund bankrupt retirement plans for government workers, boondoggles, crony corporatists, failed social justice programs and massive government bureaucracies. It is clear that this behavior can only result in another housing foreclosure and property tax crisis. The obvious solution is to lower the property tax rate (the millage) to levels that keep total government tax revenue the same or lower every year and then cut government spending. Don’t hold your breath for that to happen by itself. The next time a local politician (progressive democrats and republicans)  proudly proclaim they are not raising the millage rate, resolve to tell them to cut the millage rate so they don’t take more of your money in property taxes to finance their bloated, corrupt government.

We need a $15 minimum wage –  Tampa Bay Times Columnist and Marx Disciple John Romano is just one of the lberals yet again pushing for a higher minimum wage. Romano seems to continue operate under the delusion of Marx’s “Labor theory of Value” which assumes that the only way a corporation makes a profit is by taking it from the workers. Marx, Romano and others push disproved Marxian theory that labor creates value for a good or service (by the way Marx said only “socially necessary” labor is allowed). In fact it is the perception of the usefulness of those goods and services that properly sets its value. This philosophy is obviously also shared by St. Pete Councilwoman Darden Rice who pushed a “wage theft” ordinance in 2015 to go after businesses that were “robbing” workers by forcing them to work. We can see the Liberal playbook at work here as Romano pushes for a “compromise” wage between Florida’s $8.05 and the (current) liberal dream of $15 being enacted in places like Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and other liberal strongholds. While Romano claims to want a compromise, Rice proudly proclaims “The ‘Fight for 15’ is about pushing the conversation forward and moving the needle with incremental policies.” You see Rice stood with a bunch of liberal agitators at St. Pete City Hall pushing a local $15 minimum wage last November. Even Romano acknowledges the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office Story showing job loss as the minimum wage is pushed up by government. This is proven already as we see cashiers disappearing in favor of touch screens for ordering and checkout at places like Home Depot and McDonalds.  When a liberal tells you that government must force a business to pay a higher wage, resolve to tell them that the minimum wage was not meant as a lifestyle and they should avoid this weapon of economic destruction.

Liberals are tolerant and will compromise – The blue bumper sticker “COEXIST” is frequently seen on VW busses, Priuses and the high end cars driven by limousine liberals. The progressive, the statist, collectivist and liberal always claim to want to coexist with others peacefully and preach tolerance of all others (“diversity”). However, that tolerance only extends to the protected political classes they prefer. The liberal pushes ordinances to promote cross-dressing men to use the women’s room full of little girls, while ignoring the valid concerns of women, girls, mothers and fathers who would prefer otherwise. The local politicians provide tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars for one of the largest gay pride parades in the country, while the parade sponsors refuse to allow Christians who want to spread the news about the sin of intentional homosexuality to march in the parade. The liberals would create laws to punish every baker, photographer, wedding planner who would prefer not to provide their services to a so-called gay wedding. The liberals block the streets for “black lives matter” and “occupy wall streets” with no permit and at no cost, but tea party groups are required to get a permit, buy insurance to cover the event and pay for the police to attend. Liberals will show up at any college campus or community event featuring a non-liberal perspective on climate change, marriage or government to literally shout them down with a large mob. The liberals demand that no Christian utter the word “God” or “Jesus” in any place except their church or home. Yet it is the liberal who claims to be “tolerant”, which is obviously poppycock. In addition, these liberals never give up always using “incrementalism” to take over the lives of citizens (see Rice Comment in above paragraph). Compromise is not ever their plan. The liberal plan is domination brought on incrementally through intimidation. The next time a liberal shows up to push their agenda in the name of “tolerance”, resolve to call them the hypocrites and liars that they are and work against their agenda by every means at your disposal.

Exposing all the liberal lies we need to resolve to ignore, debunk, fight against and destroy would create non-stop writing for the entire year of 2017 and beyond. But this is a good start.

Happy new year and thanks for reading the Sunbeam Times (tell your friends to subscribe by email – for free)!

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  1. Gary West

    Robert Kennedy. Just your basic warm, cuddly liberal . Arrest and imprison “climate deniers.
    Liberals are so closed-minded they could look through a keyhole with both eyes.

    By Cheryl K. Chumley – The Washington Times – Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., one of climate change’s loudest activists, said there should be a law that lets authorities punish skeptics and deniers – those who engage in “selling out the public trust,” he said, in an interview with Climate Depot during New York City’s recent People’s Climate March.

    “I wish there were a law you could punish them with,” he said, in the videotaped interview. “I don’t think there is a law that you can punish these politicians under … [and skeptical politicians are] selling out the public trust.”

    He accused politicians who failed to act on climate change policy as serving special interests.

    “Those guys are doing the Koch Brothers bidding and are against all the evidence of the rational mind, saying global warming does not exist,” Mr. Kennedy said, Climate Depot reported. “They are contemptible human beings.”

    He then turned his attacks directly at the Koch Brothers, accusing them of “polluting our atmosphere,” he said, the blog reported..

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