Trump Inauguration Schedule; Liberal Hoaxing on Trump; Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Converted to Islam. Helena’s News Roundup Returns!

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Donald Trump inauguration schedule of events, performers and inaugural balls

Cool!! The schedule of all events for the inauguration starting Jan 19th and 20th” The inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump features a long list of official and semi-official events and celebrations.There will be plenty of protests and counter-rallies as well, with a list of some available here.Here’s the schedule for events that will usher Trump to the White House:Wreath-laying ceremony, Jan. 19 Arlington National Cemetery-Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence will lay a wreath at the cemetery in honor of the nation’s veterans.”

4Chan Claims To Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax

“In a story that is getting more surreal by the minute, a post on 4Chan now claims that the infamous “golden showers” scene in the unverified 35-page dossier, allegedly compiled by a British intelligence officer, was a hoax and fabricated by a member of the chatboard as “fanfiction”, then sent to Rick Wilson, who proceeded to send it to the CIA, which then put it in their official classified intelligence report on the election.Here is 4Chan’s explanation of how the story came to light:>/pol/acks mailed fanfiction to anti-trump pundit Rick Wilson about trump making people piss on a bed obama slept in>he thought it was real and gave it to the CIA>the CIA of the US put this in their official classified intelligence report on russian involvement in the election>..the cia has concluded that the russian plans to blackmail trump with this story we made up.”

new study: university civics is leftist indoctrination 

“These activists’ version of civics trains students to be protesters instead of teaching them the foundation of government. Making Citizens documents how this came to be. It also provides 4 case studies: eg U Colorado; CO State U. The Na’l Assoc of Scholars has researched the New Civics since 2012, when the Dept of Ed under Obama called on all colleges and universities to make “civic learning” a “pervasive” priority.. “Now ‘civic learning’ doesn’t mean what you would expect –  such as understanding the Bill of Rights, the 3 branches of government, and the Electoral College. Instead, this New Civics is all about ‘diversity,’ environmentalism, the LGBT movement, ‘global’ citizenship, and other liberal causes.”Randall said, “Civic engagement diverts at least $40 billion a year and 1.5 million hours of student labor toward progressive organizations.”

Airport Shooter Converted to Islam, Identified as Aashiq Hammad Years Before Joining Army – Judicial Watch

“The Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter is a Muslim convert who years before joining the US Army took on an IS name (Aashiq Hammad), downloaded terrorist propaganda and recorded IS religious music online..This is pertinent info that the Obama administration apparently wants to keep quiet, bringing up memories of the Benghazi cover up, in which the president and his cohorts knowingly lied to conceal that IS terrorists attacked the US Special Mission in Libya. Information is slowly trickling out that links the Airport shooter to radical IS while the official story from authorities is that the gunman is a mentally ill, Hispanic Army veteran named Esteban Santiago that became unhinged after a tour in Iraq.…”

Black Pastors Endorse Sessions for Attorney General

And the truth will out! “Sen Sessions  is a “very decent man” who has “served well and whose track record speaks for itself,” an AL pastor said on Capitol Hill Mon, as he and other black pastors spoke out in support for Trump’s pick for AG.“We know in AL who Jeff Sessions is,” Bishop  Searcy, senior pastor of the multi-racial, nondenominational Fresh Anointing House of Worship in Montgomery said.“And it’s important to me that the truth comes out about him,” he added, “that he’s known for who is, he’s known for the good things he’s done in AL.”“It’s time in America that we become fair, that we stop listening to talking points,” Searcy said, referring to allegations of racism against Sessions.

Reaction To Trump’s Team Proves Climate Alarmists Are The Real Deniers

“This Is about Loss of Power, Not the Planet! Climate alarmists may actually be less fearful about the fate of the planet and more afraid that climate science will finally get a hard look at the federal level. For 8 years, activist-led agencies in the Obama administration have had their way, passing harsh rules and regulations all in the name of climate change.Agencies like the EPA and NOAA  have rejected and ignored congressional oversight, particularly inquiries from the House Comm on Science, Space, and Technology, led by Rep.Smith. Smith has accused the EPA of being driven by a political agenda rather than sound science; the agency has often refused to cooperate with Congress. That kind of stonewalling will end next week, and it’ll be interesting to see what Trump officials find at these agencies (assuming all data, emails, and research are left intact).”

DHS Agents Bribed to Let Drugs, Illegal Aliens into US – Liberty Headlines

Unbelievable! Demand an investigation!! “.. two disturbing news articles shed additional light on the critical situation in the south border region.The first, an investigative piece by the NYT, documents how hundreds of employees and contract workers at the DHS have taken millions of dollars in bribes to let drugs and illegal immigrants into the US. A few days later the DEA is cited in a Texas news report confirming that El Paso” is a major corridor for Mex cartels smuggling drugs into the U.S.For more than a decade Judicial Watch has exposed the pervasive corruption- They include Border Patrol officers accepting bribes to help transport illegal immigrants and contraband into the U.S. and DHS employees collaborating with Mexican smuggling operatives to allow drugs, weapons and possibly terrorists into the country.”  Also see: See also NYT article: The Enemy Within: Bribes Bore a Hole in the U.S. Border

Obamacare Is Killing Rural Hospitals and Their Patients

Must Read”Among the talking points deployed by Obamacare apologists in their effort to save “reform” is the claim that repeal will cause thousands to die due to the loss of health insurance. This nonsense is based on the fiction that repeal will cause tens of millions to instantly lose health coverage and on debunked studies showing that the lack of ins causes premature death. Strangely, the compassionate champions of the potentially uninsured seem unmoved by the very real carnage wrought by Obamacare’s destruction of rural hospitals. Since 2010, 80 such facilities have closed, a trend that is killing patients right now.Most of these shuttered hospitals provided the only realistic source of accessible emergency care for patients living in the rural communities. This model is the result of a bait-and-switch perpetrated on the hospital industry by the White House and  Democrats. In 2009, the industry agreed to support Obamacare by accepting $155 billion in cuts to their Medicaid and Medicare payments in exchange for a promise that “reform” would flood hospitals with millions of newly insured patients whose coverage would offset the concession.” ”


Obama Is Using the Russians as an Excuse to Expand Federal Power over Elections

Not difficult to see this coming!! “A decentralized election system makes large-scale hacking nearly impossible. We should keep it that way. The Obama Administration is leaving office  by exploiting perceived crises. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,”  Emanuel, Obama’s just-named chief of staff, told a WSJ conference of top CEOs in Nov 2008 while his boss was still president-elect. Since then a slew of constitutionally dubious executive orders, presidential emergencies, and rushed legislation have characterized the Obama presidency. Now he is leaving office by issuing a blizzard of “midnight regulations” and edicts. One of the most troublesome came last Fri and gave the federal government the power to begin centralizing our election systems. The Constitution explicitly gives states the power to set the “times, manner and places of holding elections.”

Taxpayers will keep paying for lobbyists in Tallahassee, despite House speaker, who calls it a ‘disgrace’

Time for the public to support Corcoran! Contact state and local politicians to stop taxpayer dollars going to pay for lobbyists.”Cities, counties, colleges, school districts, sheriffs, airports and seaports all pay lobbyists to help them fight for state money, protect home rule powers and fend off political interference in Tallahassee.But what local officials call a necessity, Speaker Corcoran,calls wasteful. He says taxpayers should not have to pay so that one group of politicians can talk to another, using well-connected lobbyists as intermediaries.”It’s a disgrace that taxpayer dollars are used to hire lobbyists when we elect people to represent them,” Corcoran says. “The state doesn’t do it, and neither should the locals.”

When “Peace” Means Capitulation to Islam

Must Read! “What inspired al-Qaeda to attack the US, according to Khalid Mohammed KSM), who helped plan 9/11?The Am psychologist, Mitchell,who crafted the interrogation program that helped stop terrorist attacks and saved countless lives after 9/11, just published a book, Enhanced Interrogation. In it, KSM is quoted as saying that al-Qaeda expected the US to respond to 9/11 as it had to the 1983 bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut- the US “turned tail and ran.” In the end, KSM told Mitchell:”We will win because Americans don’t realize..we do not need to defeat you militarily; we only need to fight long enough for you to defeat yourself by quitting..Eventually, America will expose her neck for us to slaughter.”That is exactly why Islamists are trying to hit the West’s soft underbelly: restaurants and theaters and a Christmas market”

Obama Seized Enough Land, Water in 8 Years to Cover Texas THREE TIMES

Unbelievable!!  “Last week, in one of his final moves out of the Oval Office, Obama executively designated more than 1.5 million acres of land as national monuments, preserving their untouched façade while closing them to human expansion, development, energy use, ranching or state or local jurisdiction.In a move ignored by the liberal media last week, Obama unilaterally seized more than 1.3 million acres from Utah to establish the Bears Ears Monument, preserving it at the behest of conservationist groups and Native American tribes who claimed the land was sacred. Utah’s state legislature, however, opposed the unilateral land grab across party lines, with many speculating that Obama’s move is the latest in an attempt to limit efforts from incoming Trump to expand domestic energy production.”

Political Monkey Business: Liberal Labarga Replaces Lawson with Perry on Supreme Court

What? “We thought “retired” Justice James Perry had served his last day on the Fl Supreme Court last Fri. We thought it was Justice Alan Lawson’s turn. Apparently not.It seems the left majority on the high court has found a way to wind up liberal leaning Perry like the Energizer Bunny, keeping him and its agenda going as long as possible.Check the Fl Supreme Court’s website. It properly lists Gov.  Scott’s appointee, Alan Lawson, as the court’s 7th justice, effective Dec. 31. According to Fl law, “[u]pon the resignation …of any judge, all matters pending before that judge shall be heard and determined by the judge’s successor.” So you would think Justice Lawson would be on the case of Larry Perry, concerning an opinion given in Oct…Lawson was not.”

Republicans Knocked Out The Pillars Of Obamacare, Now What? | The Resurgent

End of Obamacare? “Today’s action by the Senate gutted Obamacare by revoking the budget authority to fund federal health care exchanges, known as S. Con. Res. 13 (111th Congress). Under Senate budget reconciliation rules, no filibuster is permitted, and therefore the vote proceeded along party lines 52-47.Let’s call Obamacare dead for all intents and purposes… From the crowing on Capitol Hill, you’d think we’ve got a brand new health care system ready to go.None of this is even close to being resolved. By knocking out the budgetary pillars of Obamacare, Congress has effectively ended the doomed system, but they haven’t replaced it with anything at all…The repeal is phased in over 2 years… This doesn’t mean that this is bad news. It’s great news.The best news is that the language eliminates federal funding for Planned Parenthood..”

Really, Charlie? Another Run for Governor?

Not again!! “So Charlie Crist waits hours, not even days after being sworn in as a member of Congress on Tuesday, to show up for his first fundraising effort — and the Tampa Bay Times tells us Charlie will make his way back to Florida for a couple of fundraising soirees, Jan. 16 and 17 in his honor in Sarasota and Miami Beach.The Times says this is all for a 2018 re-election bid. Is it?Is it really for re-election?According to one “deep throat” contact I heard from over the weekend, Charlie is reaching out to “monied associates” and “advisors with access” as he considers running for Florida governor in 2018.Yes, Florida governor. Again.”