Trump Inauguration and Busy First Week; Obama’s Landmines Left Behind – Some Defused. Helena’s News Roundup

gigapixel image trump inagurationGigapixel-The Inauguration of Trump

This gigapexel allows one to view the entire crowd from afar or key in on one person!! Really cool!

President Trump will start building Mexico border wall TODAY

Great! “Trump will start rolling out executive actions on immigration Wed – beginning with an order to start building his wall along the border with Mexico.The president is also expected to take action to temporarily ban immigration from Muslim countries deemed a ‘threat to nat’l security’ – namely Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia.In addition, Trump is set to sign other domestic immigration enforcement measures that will include targeting sanctuary cities that decline to prosecute undocumented aliens.Another key policy shift being discussed is whether to scrap rules protecting hundreds of thousands of children of illegal immigrants from deportation.. Measures still being finalized and subject to change include: A 4-month freeze on admission of all refugees.Grant exceptions to Christians and other minorities fleeing Muslim persecution”

Democrats And Republicans Unite To Rescind Last-Minute Obama Order Seeking Federal Election Takeover 

Wow! Democrats and Republicans finally agree!! All 50 state secretaries of state are urging the Trump admininistration to rescind a last-minute DHS directive calling state election systems “critical infrastructure.”Many state officials fear this is the first step toward a federal takeover of state-run elections..While deep political discord may be found on other issues, state secretaries — who oversee all election machinery – appear completely united against the former administration’s attempt to insert the federal government into state-run elections.Then-Sec of DHS Jeh Johnson surprised and outraged state election officials with his Jan. 6 action, just two weeks before Trump was to assume the presidency.”

David Jolly Steals Charlie Crist Staffer in Setup for 2018 Rematch

“The battle over Fl’s 13th Congressional District may have been won by Charlie Crist in Nov, but  Jolly’s baring his fangs and stealing congressional staffers from under Crist’s feet.  Mon, Jolly announced he had hired Vito Sheeley, Crist’s district director, as his senior adviser. Sheeley was a recent hire on the Crist team, but rumors say he was fired after the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade in St. Petersburg — then rehired — shortly thereafter. Suspense grew over why, exactly, he had been cut in the first place. Crist’s office denies firing Sheeley from its staff. Now it seems Sheeley has found a new home, nestled close against Crist’s bitter rival.”I’ve known Vito for years and I had discussed him among the political team during the campaign race,” Jolly told Sunshine State News.”

‘Nothing Short of Stunning’: Judge Slams Obama DOJ’s ‘Unethical Conduct’ in Amnesty Case

WOW!”The TX judge presiding over the Obama’s Administration’s executive amnesty case has issued an order saying that the unethical behavior from the federal government’s attorneys has been “nothing short of stunning.”Breitbart TX reported in May of 2016 that US District Court Judge Hanen slammed DOJ officials, writing that their “conduct is certainly not worthy of any department whose name includes the word ‘Justice’.” He added, “Suffice it to say, the citizens of all 50 states, their counsel, the affected aliens and the judiciary all deserve better.” He opined that the DOJ “purports to represent all Americans-not just those who are in favor of whatever actions the Department is seeking to prosecute or defend. The end result never justifies misconduct.” Hanen issued a 28-page memo opinion and order and lambasted federal government officials for misleading the Court..”

Trump Revives Keystone Pipeline Rejected by Obama

“Trump moved assertively Tues to resurrect a pipeline in the Dakotas that had become a major flashpoint for Native Americans, while reviving the Keystone XL pipeline, which had stirred years of debate over the balance between energy needs and environmental concerns.The actions were the latest to dismantle Obama era policies. The former pres rejected the proposed 1,179-mile Keystone pipeline in 2015, arguing that it would undercut American leadership in curbing reliance on carbon energy to address a warming climate. Trump signed a document clearing the way for the government to reconsider the pipeline as well as another expediting the Dakota Access pipeline from North and South Dakota to Illinois.The decisions came a day after Trump formally abandoned the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an ambitious12-nation trade pact negotiated by Obama.”

Florida Best State in Nation for Retirees, Says Survey

“Retiring? Head to FL.Feel free to kick off your shoes, grab your beach towel, and enjoy the shade of the palm trees — FL is the best state in the nation to retire, according to a new study released Mon.The WalletHub study looked at all 50 states and DC and found FL was the place to be for people wanting to enjoy life after retirement. FL has long been a hotspot for retirees. The Sunshine State has the highest population over the age of 65 out of any other state, with nearly 19% of FL’s population fitting in that age bracket, which is over two times higher than Alaska, which has the lowest % of residents 65 and older at 9%. WalletHub looked at three main factors — affordability, quality of life and health care — to get the rankings. FL soared in the affordability category, ranking first out of all 50 states in this category.”

Obama’s Final Whopper as President 

“All industrialized democracies require voters to prove their ID before voting. Britain last month announced that persistent examples of voter fraud will require officials to see passports or other documents from voters in areas prone to corruption. In 2012, I attended a conference of election officials from more than 60 countries.. Most were astonished that so many US states don’t require voter ID. Lawyers are also astonished to see Obama link voter ID with the Jim Crow era…And if Obama knew much about geography, he might notice that our neighbors require voter ID. Canada adopted voter-ID requirements in 2007 and saw them reaffirmed in 2010; they have worked smoothly since, with almost no complaints. Mexico’s “Credencial para Votar” has a hologram, a photo, and other info embedded in it, and it is impossible to effectively tamper with it.”

Florida Supreme Court Dismisses Tax Credit Scholarship Program Lawsuit

A win for students! “Supporters of FL’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program can breathe a little easier — on Wed, the FL Supreme Court finally dismissed the lengthy lawsuit against the program, ending a contentious chapter in Fl’s education history.FL’s largest teachers’ union, the FEA, appealed lower courts’ decisions to dismiss the case. On Wed, the five-judge panel of the state’s highest court followed the same path and declined to hear the FEA’s appeal. In Aug, the First District Court of Appeal ruled the FEA did not have standing to bring the case.Step Up For Students, one of the groups administering the program, celebrated the decision Wed.“The court has spoken, and now is the time for us all to come together to work for the best interests of these children,” said Step Up For Students president Tuthill.

Editorial: Restore balance to student testing

About Time! “It has been 18 years since Gov. Bush and the FL Legislature transformed public education by creating a system that led to an obsession with high-stakes standardized tests, school letter grades and teacher evaluations tied to student performance. Now the pendulum may be swinging in the other direction, as Republican lawmakers are pledging a thorough review aimed at reducing the number of tests and the time spent preparing for them. That’s good news for frustrated parents, students and teachers. A recent Senate education committee meeting reflected a renewed commitment among key legislators to address the complaints about overtesting. Sen.Lee acknowledged that “maybe we’ve taken a good thing too far and now it is time to bring some common sense to it.” Lawmakers, school superintendents and parents appear headed in the same direction.”

Dept of Education Reveals HALF Of All Students Defaulted Or Didn’t Pay Down Student Loan Debts

Must Read!! Lies exposed!! “If you thought the housing bubble was bad, just wait for the impending collapse of the student loan industrial complex. Last Fri, the  Dept of Education released a memo stating that the department had overestimated the number of graduated students from colleges and trade schools actively paying off their loans. The updated numbers provide a shocking view into the current economic situation, but also what will be coming in future years.The WSJ analyzed the numbers released by the Dept. of Education, and found that the repayment rates were inflated in 99.8% of the schools analyzed. Before going any further, just let that sink in for a moment. This was not a small glitch..No, the true numbers of loan repayments were never reported truthfully.”

Majority of 230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will face 10 years in prison and $25k fine as US attorney says they will be charged with felony rioting  

Great Change!! This should stop looting and rioting!! “Most of the 230 rioters arrested after violent protests erupted in Washington DC following Trump’s inauguration will be charged with felony rioting, federal prosecutors said.The charge carries a punishment of up to ten years in jail and a $25,000 fine.Thousand of protesters launched a violent rampage as anti-Trump demonstrators smashed store windows, set fire to cars and threw bricks at police…Just before the parade started, clashes broke out between more than 400 stone-throwing protesters and riot police in McPherson Sq… protesters also descended on Franklin Sq Park where they graffitied a stretch limo before setting the vehicle ablaze right outside the Washington Post bldg. Hopkins said the anarchists set things ablaze and started throwing bricks, stones and rocks.’

Report: Trump Plans to Eliminate National Endowment for the Arts

Great idea!! “Trump and his administration are planning to eliminate the Nat’l Endowment for the Arts and the Nat’l Endowment for the Humanities as part of a broader effort to substantially slash government spending, according to a report. The Hill reports that the plans to slash the arts endowments are part of a 10-year plan that would see government spending reduced by $10.5 trillion.Other federal agencies that would see substantial reductions in spending include the Depts of Commerce, Energy, Transportation, State and Justice. According to the Hill, the plan includes privatizing the Corp of Public Broadcasting…The endowment was established in 1965 by President Johnson, but has become a controversial agency over time, as critics contend that taxpayers should not have to fund art they consider to be against their values, or obscene.”

President Trump halts new federal regulations

Good start! Trump put a hold on all new and pending federal regulations on his first day in office Friday, with a White House memorandum ordering federal agencies to subject the regulations to review by incoming secretaries.Rolling back federal regulations was a top campaign pledged from Trump, who promised to impose a rule that two existing regulations had to be eliminated for each new regulation created.He has said the regulations had a stranglehold on businesses and slowed job creation and economic expansion.The memorandum from White House Chief of Staff Priebus ordered the agencies to delay sending any new regulation to the Office of Federal Register (OFR) until reviewed by the Trump-appointed secretary or director. It ordered regulations sent to OFR but not published to be withdrawn and regulations published but not put in effect to be delayed 60 days. All of those regulations would them be subjected review by the new secretaries or their designees.”

Trump Team Right to Consider ‘Dramatic’ Cuts to Federal Budget

Must Read! “This country is almost $20 trillion in debt. Our entitlement programs-Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security-are headed toward bankruptcy. The US continues to finance its spending with money it doesn’t have. In 2015, the nat’l debt exceeded 100% of everything the economy produced in goods and services—a warning siren, as countries with debt-to-GDP ratios above 90% experience a significant reduction in economic growth… it’ll start by first tackling programs that are wasteful, duplicative, and inefficient-not the vital government services that feverish liberals would have you believe. For example, have you heard of the catfish inspection program? This program is so wasteful and duplicative that the GAO has tried no less than 9 times to get rid of it. In 2016, the Senate voted to do just that, but without action from the House of Reps, the program remains.”

Obama administration spent billions to fix failing schools, and it didn’t work

Obama’s boondoggle! “One of the Obama administration’s signature efforts in education, which pumped billions of federal dollars into overhauling the nation’s worst schools, failed to produce meaningful results, according to a federal analysis.Test scores, graduation rates and college enrollment were no different in schools that received money through the School Improvement Grants program – the largest federal investment ever targeted to failing schools – than in schools that did not..“We’re talking about millions of kids who are assigned to these failing schools, and we just spent several billion dollars promising them things were going to get better,” said Smarick, a fellow at the American Enterprise Inst who has long been skeptical that the Obama administration’s strategy would work. “Think of what all that money could have been spent on instead.”




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  1. Gary West

    Daily we read the machinations, hear the weeping, endure the breast-beating, view the uncontrolled emotional trembling of the editorial board of the Tampa Bay Times.
    Most refreshing!

  2. k vogler

    Finally a firm step is taken to re-establish law and order ! The next should be to set a serious fine for fraud – 3 times the amount defrauded. This will deal with these problems in the medical field and reduce costs.

    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      Glad you are happy with the inauguration…me too!
      Fyi, damages are alreayd tripled in medical fraud and abuse cases.
      I would point out that the claims of “fraud” in medical care by government are often false shake down charges to chill doctors from collecting payment for roper services delivered. While dramatic case exist, they are usually things like billi ng for patients that6 dont exist and are rare though dramatic. The bigger roblem in Health care is not that the government is be9ing “defrauded”, it is that the government is serving as a health “insurance” program at all (or assigning thier corporate stooges to do so).

  3. Puncledorf

    I’m incredibly pleasantly surprised by Trump.

    Honestly, I was a cautious supporter, I always preferred him 2000 times over Hillary, the one issue that guaranteed that was when she promised to set up a no-fly zone over Syria which would guranteed create a Cuban Missile Crisis situation with Russia.

    I’m really glad it’s starting to move towards actual freaking change that can improve the US and restore balance. Bring back law, torch the central bank, restrictions on lobbying, term limits. If all of this goes through as it’s starting to the US will be looking damn good.

    I presume your own thoughts have changed heavily since you were once greatly opposed to Trump as he proves himself an effective leader thus far?

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