Trump Mostly a Hit in First week with few Misses.

trump-signiturePresident Donald Trump is off to an amazing start in his first full week in office. He has worked to keep promises quickly, put the media on notice and appeal to the American people directly. As expected there has been the usual astroturf hyperventilation against his actions with Senator Chuck Schumer actually whipping up some crocodile tears for the cameras. Those ardent Trump supporters with him from the start should be thrilled. Those skeptical conservatives (including yours truly) should be impressed with his work. So far, the clean slate awarded by those willing to give him a chance remains mostly unblemished, although there are signs for concern. Some of the possible problems could be major down the road.  Here is a rundown of hits and misses as seen by the Sunbeam Times.

Trump Successes and Top Hits

Executive Orders – The liberals are attempting to call Trump a hypocrite for using executive orders after he and the GOP criticized Obama for abuse of this Presidential power. However Obama’s executive orders were criticized not so much for their volume, but their content: unconstitutional power grabs from Congress, regulatory over-reach and downright political activism from Obama’s “pen and phone”. Overcoming Obama’s numerous unconstitutional and other dangerous executive orders will require, well, executive orders!

TransPacific Partnership – right out of the gate Trump puts this under foot and tramples it to death. A Grateful nation applauds as they should since the TPP removed national sovereignty, placing the lives of Americans and the operations of businesses under the thumb of unaccountable, unelected “global” bureaucrats. The TPP regulatory structure would have imposed extremist, anti-liberty agendas on American designed to further the UN’s “Agenda 2030” framework, global warming hysteria and open borders policy. Good Riddance!

Obamacare – Yup, the massive federal bureaucracy has been put on notice – slow it down, stop it and make sure what you do doesn’t hurt Americans. A valuable first step. Now, let’s repeal it and there is NO need to “replace” it with another government program. The only thing that should replace Obamacare should be freedom.

Abortion funding and international aid – Trump issued an order stating that no US treasury money can go to international aid organizations who do abortion or sterilizations. Thanks for life!  In addition, Vice President Pence and Kelly Ann Conway spoke at the National March for Life. Way to go!

Taking on the Media – The “Mic” drop by Sean Spicer on the Saturday after inauguration was exhilarating. He came out, lambasted the media for their “fake news” on Trump removing the bust of Martin Luther King Jr from the White House. No he didn’t. Walking out on them without allowing questions from the biased media – just the right first move and slap in the face to the league of liars.  However….

Some Misses and Concerns Before We Get Back to the Hits!

Helping the Media “crowd gate” – Mr. Spicer and President Trump mishandled the media gloating about crowd size at his inauguration vs that of Obama. First of all, the point is meaningless. Also the media did not report on how Trump supporters were physically blocked from entering the national mall by rapid, ridiculous protesters at the few entry points. That said, you don’t attack without the facts on your side. Claiming higher turnout by alluding to the TV audience is not going to work. This was a mishandling of the ball by Trump and he is failing to recognize that you can’t hand a pile of bloody red meat to rabid, irrational liberals and their media lapdogs. It would have been better to simply say: “you guys are so petty, now let’s talk about some serious issues”.

The Refugee Detention Optics – Trump properly put a hold on refugees as he should. However, he and his bureaucrats (which likely are trying to sabotage him) also held those with green cards. This should have been rolled out with a little more care to avoid the easy targets for the media. That said, the media and liberals just keep looking like fools and thugs in their response anyway which may be part of the Trump strategy.

National Day of Patriotic Devotion – on 1/20 Donald Trump was inaugurated as President. On the same day he declared his inaugural day as a “National Day of Patriotic Devotion”. This give conservatives heartburn since they concerned about an authoritarian, charismatic Executive who seeks to push his agenda based on his whim and throngs of loyal supporters, rather than by acting under the Constitution. We shall see.

Supreme Court Justice may not be pro-life  – The name of Neil Gorsuch was floated last week as a potential Supreme Court replacement for Scalia. However many conservative and pro-life advocates point out that he is not pro-life, which would violate Trump’s campaign pledge. Reliable pro-life activist Andy Schlafly (the late Phyllis Schlafly’ son) has pointed out that “Gorsuch is not pro-life” however others point to his opposition to Planned Parenthood in a recent ruling.  Time will tell.

Back to the Trump’s Greatest Hits – in Just the First Week!

Detaining Refugees – Trump banned immigration for 90 days from seven countries in war-torn areas and areas known to produce terrorists. They were held in Airports when some were caught mid-flight when the order was issued. The astroturf agitators showed up immediately at airports to protest, certainly funded by George Soros. Most have already been released after vetting. Americans are sick and tired of terrorists infiltrating America through the over-broad actions of Obama that let them in to begin with. The “protestors” can yell and scream, but most people at home are nodding their head in agreement. (BTW, The media wants to call this a “muslim ban”, but that was never part of the order. Just another day of fake news by the league of liars.)

Pipelines open!  – Trump took action to stop the ban on the Keystone Pipeline and to allow the Dakota Access pipeline to go through. Obama joyously stopped the flow of oil through America to stop the phony “man-made global warming”. Frothing liberals used Indian burial grounds as the reasons they wanted to stop the Lakota pipeline when really they are just about their phony and dangerous “global warming’ agenda. Let the oil flow, let the prices drop, let the jobs return and American businesses prosper fairly.

Regulatory freeze – Trump ordered all federal regulation development to be frozen. GREAT! Now, let’s start rolling them back.

Hiring freeze – Trump told his agencies, no more hiring of federal employees until he gives the go ahead. Outstanding, now let’s start cutting the rolls of bureaucrats, eliminating agencies and making the power of executive agencies so limited that they can do as little harm as possible to Americans.


Overall this has been an outstanding first week and bodes well for Americans as President Trump takes the reigns of an out-of-control federal government.


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  1. Charles F. Graham


    This letter is based on conversation with two neighbors who legally immigrated from Europe, one from Germany and one from Sweden.

    Muslim men have little respect for women as attested to in articles in newspapers regarding Muslim men raping European women, however, many rapes are unreported because the European women are ashamed to report the rapes.

    Muslims refuse to assimilate and learn the language of the country that they have immigrated to and as a result, they find it hard to gain employment and must depend on welfare from their chosen country.

    In Sweden, the Swedes built new homes for the Muslim immigrants, however, the location of the homes did not suit the Muslim immigrants and as a result, other new homes had to be built in a location suitable to the Muslims.

    Do we really want these problems in America? We need to go to the root of the problem and stop ISIS and then there will be no need for the Muslims to leave their country. I believe that President Trump will do this.

    No one is entitled to anything off of the tax dollar.. We have three basic rights , life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..Our founding fathers, in particular Hamilton and Madison, thought it imperative that immigrants, for the strength of this country, assimilate. They did not want immigration to weaken this country, only to strengthen its prosperity. They were wise men beyond their years..


    Pinellas Park

  2. Tom Tito

    It’s shocking to hear the Supreme Court nominee may not be pro-life.
    I watched the speeches at the March for Life last week. It seemed the VP promised marchers a pro-life nominee. The GOP told voters Trump would give us a pro-life court. Did I read too much in this promise?
    Neil Gorsuch had such strong support from our local pro-choice newspaper. Now I see why.

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