Sanctuary Cities: Miami-Dade Mayor to Cooperate, Tampa Bay Authorities Dispute Their Designation. Mexican Official Threatens US with Cartels, Drugs. (and More) Helena’s News Roundup

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Miami-Dade Mayor Gimenez: I Will ‘Fully Cooperate’ with Trump’s Sanctuary City Crackdown

Note article below stating that Sheriffs from Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas have stated that their counties are NOT Sanctuary counties!! “Republican Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez won’t join Democrat mayors in other sanctuary cities and counties. He has ordered Miami-Dade jails to “fully cooperate” with Trump’s crackdown on cities that turn a blind eye to undocumented immigrants.Exactly how many people this will affect is not immediately known. Gimenez sent a memo Thurs instructing the county’s interim corrections director to comply with all immigration detainer requests received from the DHS..”Miami-Dade Co complies with federal law and intends to fully cooperate with the federal gov,” Gimenez wrote in the memo. FL is home to 7 “sanctuary counties” — Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.”  This article states that sheriffs from Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas deny the claim that their county is a sanctuary county. See:

Jaw Dropping – Mexican Official Threatens to Unleash Cartels, Flood U.S. With Drugs and Narcotics….

WOW!! “If people had doubts about the Mexican government being influenced and controlled by drug cartels, well, they can put that doubt away.In a stunning segment on Zakaria’s CNN broadcast today Mexico’s former foreign minister, Jorge Castaneda, states the Mexican government is willing to counter Trump policy by unleashing drug cartels upon the U.S. border.This is the most politically explosive admission by the Mex government in the past decade..Castaneda is openly admitting a willingness to promote drug trafficking. Additionally,Castaneda is so proud of the threat, he even posted a video of the discussion on his own YouTube page.However, don’t expect the video to remain in place too long, because, it could undermine the entire argument of the Mexican government and expose an open secret of collusion they would prefer to remain hidden.”

US misfires in online fight against Islamic State

Why we need Mattis!! “On any given day at MacDill Air Force Base, web crawlers scour social media for potential recruits to ISIS. Then, in a high-stakes op to counter the extremists’ propaganda, language specialists employ fictitious identities and try to sway the targets from joining IS ranks.At least that’s how the multimillion-dollar initiative is being sold to the Defense Dept.A critical national security program known as “WebOps” is part of a vast psychological operation that the Pentagon says is effectively countering an enemy that has used the internet as a devastating tool of propaganda. But an AP investigation found the management behind WebOps is so beset with incompetence, cronyism and flawed data that multiple people with direct knowledge of the program say it’s having little impact.”

President Trump Announces Dr. Gorsuch as Supreme Court Nominee – And Why Senator Chuck Schumer Will Not Filibuster….

“With Gorsuch ideologically filling his legacy gap, it is reasonable to see Kennedy stepping down after the SCOTUS season this year. Kennedy’s exit then provides Trump with nominee #2.Sen Schumer is not stupid.  He knows this. – If Schumer filibusters Gorsuch now, McConnell will, most likely, use the nuclear option and point to Sen Schumer as the reason therein. That means Gorsuch on the bench having needed only 51 votes. McConnell points to Schumer’s intransigence and also points to the former confirmation of Gorsuch, against the backdrop of the Judges impeccable character and credentials etc. Deployment of the nuclear option means when Kennedy announces his retirement, ANY replacement – including a much more conservative replacement like Pryor – is a guaranteed seat only needing 51 votes.”

The Statue of Liberty Has Nothing to Do with Immigration

Good History Lesson! “It happens every time I reveal what to me is common information. I check the email, and there were people that were shocked to learn the Statue of Liberty wasn’t about immigration. It shows you how successful left-wing-created narratives have been. Let me tell you the truth about this.. The Statue of Liberty represents Libertas, Roman goddess of Liberty. She bears a torch liberty. She bears a torch and a tabula ansata. It’s a tabula that evokes the law on which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence.That’s what words are on the Statue of Liberty, words that commemorate July 4th, 1776. A broken chain lies at the feet of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty had absolutely nothing to do with immigration. So why do people think that it does?”

Separating fact from sickening media fiction on Trump’s immigration executive order 

“the key provisions (of the order) are:It shuts off the issuance of all new immigration and non-immigration visas for 90 days from the following 7 countries…These 7 are failed states or enemies of the U.S (Iran).. As such, there is absolutely no way to share data with the host countries and properly vet them…Why would Trump include green card holders in the ban on re-entry? Both liberals and conservatives expressed concern over hundreds of individuals going over to fight for ISIS. We are already limited in how we can combat this growing threat among US citizens. Given that it is completely legal to exclude non-citizens upon re-entry, Trump extended the ban to legal permanent residents as well. Henceforth, Customs and Border Patrol agents will not allow individual aliens from those 7 countries to board a flight to the U.S. So the chaos will end.”

Negron’s Plan to Buy Everglades Land Is Big Government at Its Worst

Time to stop Sen Negron from wasting taxpayer money!! “When thinking about the ongoing debate over water in Tallahassee, forget the policy-speak.Think about the ideologies for a second. Think about the principles that are guiding the leaders who are making decisions that will have a lasting impact on how, when and where water flows across FL for generations to come.What principles are guiding Sen Negron regarding his $2.4 billion plan to buy 60,000 acres for water storage south of Lake Okeechobee?The concept of the government taking land from private landowners should send a shiver up the spine of anyone who calls himself a “small government conservative.”Then there is the cost, which is a staggering $2.4 billion bonded out for years to come. This type of payment scheme should be having Milton Friedman spinning in his grave.” For more on this subject, also see:

Armed Forces History Museum nears end of the line

The closing of the Armed Forces Museum in Largo would be very sad! “The Armed Forces History Museum, at 2050 34th Way N, will be open during regular hours this weekend, and on Sunday, there will be the added perk of free admission for all.After that, the museum will be shuttered to the public.In Oct, the founder of the museum, John Piazza Sr. of Seminole, died at age 77. Six weeks later, Cindy Dion, the assistant executive director, announced the nonprofit museum would close, saying the expenses were too much to bear without the personal financial support of the founder. At the same time, Dion expressed hope that someone would step up to keep the collection available to the public.”We are hoping this is our Hail Mary pass. That somebody out there will stand up and say, ‘No way. This can’t happen,’ ” Dion said”

FINALLY! Sen. Rand Paul offers worthy Obamacare alternative GOP can get behind

A good plan! “This week, Paul has revealed his proposal to replace Obamacare.His bill is designed to work in tandem with the partial repeal passed last year, in that it sweeps away the parts of Obamacare that the other bill leaves behind, particularly the regulations.. the two bills would add to up to a fairly complete repeal of Obama’s health care takeover.Paul’s plan focuses much of its effort on removing barriers to competition in the health insurance market that existed well before 2010. First it puts individuals on an equal footing with employers with respect to tax treatment for health insurance costs. He does this by allowing the full tax deductibility of health insurance premiums. He allows the deductions to apply not only to income taxes, but also to payroll taxes, meaning that even lower-income individuals benefit.”

Epic – Is Team Trump Baiting Liberal Media and Refugee Protesters By Using Obama’s Own Policy?…

Looks like the visa plan was not Trump’s idea but Obama’s!”The limiting Visa program was Obama’s action, not President Trump.. Trump is not suspending visas from countries his team selected, they are simply suspending visa approval from countries Obama selected. Additionally, Trump is suspending ALL visa applications from those countries – nothing to do with Muslim applications.• In 2013 Obama suspended refugees from Iraq for six months. • In 2015 Congress passed, and Obama signed, a law restricting visas from states of concern; • and in 2016 Obama’s DHS, Jeh Johnson, expanded those restrictions. …. all President Trump is doing is taking the same action as Obama 2013, and applying Visa restrictions to the nation states Obama selected in 2015 and 2016.”

Let’s stand together and halt eclipse of the West

“May offered last night to help Trump to prevent the West from being “eclipsed” by China as she urged him not to shirk his “obligation” to lead the world.In a speech to a Republican congressional retreat in Philadelphia the prime minister matched parts of Trump’s controversial foreign policy.She criticized China’s increasingly “assertive” posture, promised to help to curb Iran’s “malign influence” in the Middle East and to do more to defend allies such as Israel in “tough neighborhoods” while admitting that it was time to engage Russia in the search for peace in Syria. May offered an updated edition of the special relationship, one that would be shorn of illusions about “making the world in our image” and without the baggage of “failed” interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan.. She called on Trump to assume the “mantle of leadership”.

EXCLUSIVE: IG Investigating Obama Admin Cyber Attacks On Georgia Election System

Glad to see this investigation!! “Federal officials have launched an investigation into why the DHS hacked into the GA state government network, including its election system. John Roth, IG for DHS, wants to know why the agency broke protocol on its way to 10 unprecedented attacks on the system overseen by GA Secretary of State Brian Kemp — who is also one of the most vocal critics about the Obama administration’s attempt to designate local and state election machinery as part of federal “critical infrastructure.”A Jan. 17 letter from Roth notified Kemp his office was officially “investigating a series of ten alleged scanning events of the GA Sec of State’s network that may have originated from DHS-affiliated IP addresses.” A firewall in Georgia’s system thwarted each attempt.”

Trump to Sign Executive Order Ending Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Amnesty

“Trump will sign an executive order ending “unconstitutional executive amnesty,” which translates to Obama’s 2014 exec actions on illegal immigration…Trump’s action to reverse executive amnesty will likely cause the most controversy so far and will certainly result in advocacy groups like the ACLU filing lawsuits. Sanctuary city mayors are also likely to triple down on their battle against federal immigration enforcement efforts. It is important to point out Obama admitted numerous times he couldn’t issue amnesty through his pen. He did so anyway, knowing it was illegal and unconstitutional. “Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. Not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written,” Obama told the Nat’l Council of La Raza in 2011.”

Trump Prepares Orders Aiming at Global Funding and Treaties

“The Trump administration is preparing executive orders that would clear the way to drastically reduce the US’ role in the UN and other international organizations..The first of the 2 draft orders calls for terminating funding for any UN agency or other international body that meets any one of several criteria.Those criteria include organizations that give full membership to the Palestinian Authority or PLO, or support programs that fund abortion or any activity that circumvents sanctions against Iran or N Korea. The draft order also calls for terminating funding for any organization that “is controlled or substantially influenced by any state that sponsors terrorism” or is blamed for the persecution of marginalized groups or any other systematic violation of human rights.The order calls for then enacting “at least a 40% overall decrease” in remaining US funding toward international organizations.”

Days Into Trump Admin, Corrupt Employees Are Already Being Fired At The VA

Disgraceful! Must Read! “Days into Trump’s administration, heads are finally beginning to roll at the Dept of VA. Two notoriously corrupt employees in Puerto Rico were fired this week One is the hospital’s CEO, DeWayne Hamlin, who offered an employee $305,000 to quit after she played a role in exposing his drug arrest.“ Hamlin was removed from federal service effective Jan 20, 2017…The other person fired recently is a woman who took part in an armed robbery, then kept her job while she was in jail, and continued to work in the hospital’s security office while wearing an ankle bracelet…”During the Obama administration, eleven sex offenders listed the Detroit VA hospital alone as their work address; some of them were fugitives wanted by local police, but the VA cited employee privacy.”