A Tampa Bay Elitist Coup D’état on Transit, Housing and Land Use to Overcome “Artificial Borders”.

The Tampa Bay Elitists have decided the borders around your city and county are "artificial". That will extend to your front yard too as they carry out their Coup D'e'tat

The Tampa Bay Elitists have decided the borders around your city and county are “artificial”. That will extend to your front yard too as they carry out their Coup D’e’tat.

The Tampa Bay elitists are mad when it comes to transit and their ability to control the hoi polloi. Check that, they are LIVID!  They have been trying for decades to create government rail boondoggles off the backs of taxpayers and continue to fail. The Tampa Transit tax was beaten by voters in 2010 and again in 2016. The Greenlight Pinellas billion dollar boondoggle was killed by voters in 2015 and transit taxes failed in Polk around then too. These were not narrow defeats, but thrashings of the government and corporate elitists at the polls with margins well over 60% opposed. These taxpayer victories came from true grassroots organizers on shoe string budgets up against millions of campaign spending and the endorsement of every establishment and elitist entity in the region. Yes, these Tampa Bay elitists are livid and they want their empire to strike back. Their solution:  a Coup D’état over local government and the citizens that established those local governments.

For over a year liberal county commissioner and elite elitist Janet Long has been leading the way for a “regional” solution. What does that mean? That means that a massive entity would be created out of whole cloth from other governments and the minds of our betters. Yesterday at the Tampa Bay legislative delegation meeting, the topic came up. Folks like Lighting owner and channelside developer Jeff Vinik and Vology CEO Barry Shevlin agitated for a “regional” solution (Vology gave lots of money to Greenlight Pinellas). The pair co-chair the “Tampa Bay Partnership”. Tampa Bay reporter Mitch Perry asked in Florida Politics if that was not the original purpose of TBARTA (The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority). The obvious goal of the elite crowd is to create an unaccountable entity that would draw tax money from people all over Tampa Bay, then use the funds to build rail and other transit projects. The transit boondoggles will undoubtedly benefit 1) the large corporate interests building them for profit, 2) the governments that could then deprive funds to needed road expansion and maintenance and 3) provide means to meet the environmentalists’ real goals of getting the lowly masses out of cars.

Enter neo-marxist “business” reporter Robet Trigaux from the Tampa Bay Times who is cheerleading for Pravda west’s plan to push the “regional” approach (remember, they used to be “the St. Petersburg Times”). Trigaux, an ardent supporter of Greenlight Pinellas, big government and crony corporatism, wrote: “Forget the ballot box for now. This is about reorganizing existing key organizations to think, restructure and then act regionally”. So Mr. Trigaux is calling for the power that citizens have over local city and county governments to be completely irrelevant.  Trigaux extolls the virtue of the remade “Tampa Bay Partnership” (a previously failed entity) which released its study “The Need for Regional Governance in Tampa Bay”. The Tampa Bay Partnership is composed only of the best elitists and cronies with a long history of their component organizations benefiting from tax dollars for rail and more.

Regional Governance is a simple concept. The cities and the counties should not be the ultimate governing authority for local citizens. There should less accountability directly to denizens of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Temple Terrace, or any Tampa Bay county. Rather, a “Regional government” would decide what the citizens really need and what is in their best interest. As long reported by Eye on Tampa Bay (hat tip to Sharon Calvert et. al.), elitist Janet Long presented a proposal to HART and PSTA for a “Regional Council of Governments” to do regional planning.  They would hunt for Obama era “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing  (AFFH)” regulations and program that was described by the National Review as a means to “annex” the suburbs. Of course, this is also about finding ways to try to grab more money from the federal government so as to justify more local taxation and spending for “matching funds”. Note to Long and the “Regional Council of Elitists” – Obama/Clinton lost and these programs are slated to whither – God willing.

So back to Trigaux’s cheerleading for some new regional overlords. He pointed to a study prepared for the Tampa Bay Partnership by the “Enos Center for Transportation”, he described as a “non-partisan think tank in Washington, D.C. that promotes innovation in mass transit problems”. Local citizens should be wary of more money being paid to consultants especially by the Tampa Bay Partnership of elitists. An evaluation of the board of the Enos center is just as “non-partisan” as all the elitists pushing government boondoggles here – they don’t care which party supports big government, waste and crony hand-outs, just as long as it does. Trigaux points to the Enos conclusion that “some core issues – namely transportation, environment, poverty and crime – do not stop at artificial county borders and outstrip the resources of individual cities. Broader solutions are called for”. Broader solutions for “artificial” borders.

So there you have it. The Tampa Bay elitists have decided that the border of your city, and thereby the border of your individual sovereignty, are “artificial”. The logical conclusions is that borders don’t exist and as such the elitists in charge have a right to take even your home for their own political or greed-based agenda. Why not? After all the border along your front yard is just “artificial”. The governments you restrain at the ballot box are artificial and the idea that the people created the government to begin with is simply an illusion. When the regional elitists are in charge, they will tell you how much of your money you can keep (taxes), where you may live (land use), what kind of housing you may have, how you may get there (transit) and whether you are too rich and should distribute the wealth to fight “poverty”.

The concept of the “regional government” is nothing more than a complete overthrow of the sovereignty of local cities, the citizens that create them and hold their elected officials accountable. It is a Coup D’etat by a shadowy group of our “betters” who seek our submission at any cost. Even the cost of our own freedom. Long, Trigaux, Vinik, Shevlin, liberal mayors of all cities (especially Kriseman, and Buckhorn), establishment republicans (e.g. Latvala, Seel, Moroni and more) all want less control by citizens and more authority in the hand of unelected elitist groups. This attempt to overthrow our government by subterfuge, power and propaganda must be resisted. Time for citizens to speak up and act for their own freedom.


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  1. Deb

    Regionalism is communist/fascist control of people and money.

    Regionalism is the mini me of the European Parliament . I sure hope people in Pinellas and elsewhere wake up.

    Affordable housing does indeed provide federal funding for this socialist plan.

    I warn people about voluntarily “annexing” into cities, don’t give cities a bigger pot of gold than they already have! Stay in the county.
    Folks in Palm Harbor ( all county) constantly complain about less amenities because the cities are drawing from the larger tax base of the county residents, however, liberty, what little is left is worth the price! A suburb is not a city,
    It’s my opinion the sovereignty of being in the county gives you a lot more liberty for your money.

    The Coup is against the republican form of government a guarantee in the Constitution. We need to keep our representation of and by the people in Pinellas. But the people running Pinellas are doing that, running with their crony corporatism and selling the taxpayers to the highest bidders, for socialism. They are statists and do not represent our best interests. The ideology has blinded them and they need to be fired because the word “regional” should not even be in their vocabulary with using our tax dollars.

    The one way we can fight it is cut the funding of Penny for Pinellas. That way there would be no guarantee of tax funding to back big project loans (TIF). It would take a BIG bite out of their terrible plans not to have that Penny flowing in.

    Bye bye Affordable Housing, $3 million a year from P4P paid F.A.S.T, a faith based NGO came off the top to house refugees and low income of the last Penny. That was $30 million of taxpayer money over 10 years.

    Hillsboro, Pasco and Pinellas already have a federal regional grant fundingaccount in place for funding Affordable/ AFFH housing which is housing based on income and race with strings that require transportation within set parameters of a housing development . The Penny also appropriates for land acquisition for further and future Affordable Housing.

    Cities are too dependent on Housing and Urban development (HUD) and other federal programs and the taxpayers are footing the bill twice and thrice times over to help “the poor”, soon we will all be poor living in the perfect communist city next to the train track or the bus stop. We won’t be able to afford a car or a home and that is the plan!

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