Defeating Kriseman and Rescuing St. Petersburg from Bad Government

Kriseman or common sense candidate ballot

The St. Petersburg Mayoral elections are upon us and so far Mayor Rick Kriseman is scheduled to be re-elected with barely any credible opposition. Let that sink in. Rick “Sewer Dump” Kriseman has no winning candidate willing to stand up and run against him for Mayor yet. In what is likely the clearest “easy win” for any person preaching sanity for city government, Kriseman is set to sail back into office. That is a shame, because it would only take a trusted candidate arguing on a few key issues to defeat Kriseman.  Luckily time is still on the side of people who can find the wherewithal to stand up and help the citizens of St. Petersburg rescue themselves from the recent decades of bad government. Our citizens continue to suffer from the rampages of St. Petersburg city hall: high taxes, high regulations, wasted spending on corporate welfare, ridiculous “social justice” agendas and  a mishandling of basic city services. Time for some sanity in city government.

Here are four easy ways that a trustworthy candidate for St. Petersburg Mayor can chase the extremist ideologue Kriseman from the people’s seat of power.

1. Cancel the Pier – The inverted pyramid is gone, for better or worse. Now the power brokers and money wasters want to build a ridiculous grass “park” over Tampa Bay, seemingly forgetting it will be surrounded by salt water.  The original $35 million or so remaining for construction is obviously nowhere near enough. So the ribbon-cutter-in-chief continues to scramble for $10 million here, $14 million there in the most predictable cost-overrun project since Boston’s Big Dig (or Greenlight Pinellas). Local businesses are rightfully worried about the competition from pier-based restaurants and other business that will receive less regulation, lower taxes and direct tax subsidy money from City Hall.  The government wants to put the citizens on the hook for more debt by borrowing from future property tax revenues to fund the white elephant of the bay through the failed economic model called Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Beating Kriseman is as easy as saying: “no taxpayer money or debt to build a new St. Petersburg Pier”. The new candidate would then invite private contractors in to build it entirely on their dime if the people still want a pier at all.

2. Stop Dumping Sewage in the Bay –  This seems pretty simple. The people of St. Petersburg don’t want their bathroom waste to end up in the Tampa Bay Estuary they have been working to protect for decades. It took a State government act to stop cities from dumping sewage in the ’70’s (hence the “reclaimed water” boom). Yet once again it is the city government leading the way in polluting our waters, not private industry. The obvious reason for the Kriseman sewage dumps is his failure to keep the Albert Whitted Sewage plant open until enough sewage capacity was available elsewhere.  Kriseman was actually working to turn it into a fish farm! Now the city wants to inject the partially cleaned reclaimed water deep underground into “injection wells” to store it and officials have even said that in an emergency they would inject untreated sewage underground. The Mayor turned a blind eye to the obvious sewage debacle and is doing all he can to place blame on everyone except where it belongs: on Kriseman himself. A winning candidate for St. Petersburg Mayor would say this: I will not allow more sewage to be pumped into Tampa Bay; we will re-open Whitted, purchase extra sewer storage and fund it by cutting back on other wasteful government spending.

3. Stop Taxpayer Subsidies to Private Entities – Kriseman and decades of  alliances between progressives, social justice warriors, corporate cronies and the downright corrupt have given taxpayer dollars to an endless parade of handpicked private interests. In midtown there is the parade of failures: Tangerine plaza, Walmart, Sweetbay, Sylvias, the Manhattan Casino. In Downtown there is SRI, the Pier business, The Tampa Bay Rays Stadium, Sundial parking and more. Elsewhere the St. Pete Pride gets money for its parade of debauchery,  arts funding for the well-connected, and even money to “beautify” the St. Pete Democrat party HQ (an impossible task).  A trusted candidate for St. Petersburg Mayor would say this: under my administration NO private entity, no matter how big or how small, will receive a single subsidy dollar from the taxpayers; we will let the taxpayers keep more of their own money for others to earn based on the value they offer to them.

4. Restore Law and Order – Citizens of St. Petersburg deserve safety. They don’t need to worry about home invasions, drug dealers on street corners, prostitute and pan-handler proliferation and liberal activists blocking the street in a “die-in” to push their wacky ideas. For too long the black community has suffered while City Hall, fearful of being called “racist” by the Uhurus, has basically ignored safety in their streets. The locals watch while Occupy St. Petersburg and Black Lives Matter show up without a permit and block city streets, wacko liberals march in Nazi uniforms destroying the prior failed city investment of Baywalk and vagrants proliferate as they panhandle without challenge by the police.  Citizens deserve a city government unafraid to stand up for law and order. A winning St. Petersburg Mayoral candidate would promise to instruct the police department to effectively take back the streets without fear of political cowardice in city hall that melts like a snowflake under the heat.

The only question remaining is who can we trust to actually say these things and actually deliver? Are there any candidates out there who people know will stand up with courage to challenge to the loony left, tell the corporate cronies to take a hike, reign in bureaucratic aristocracy in charge of city hall, and let the citizens keep the money they earned and the power over their own lives they have always had in the first place. So far, the number of possibilities seem limited, but hope reigns that the people will find a person they can trust to rescue St. Petersburg by defeating the easily beatable Kriseman at the polls in November.


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    1. Sun Beam Times Post author

      The reports are that Rick Baker is “thinking about it”. I think he is waiting for people to beg. Also, remember, he presided over the biggest tax hike in city history and supported all the corporate cronyism and failed projects like Tangerine plaza.

      Kathleen Ford is rumored to be running. I beleive Ed Montinari (ONly non-liberal city Councilman) could win.

  1. Dick Richards

    Definitely NOTTT Rick Baker!! Intelligent people MUST remember history!! Non-thinking people will go with “Humanitarian Government” where every “victim” gets a bite of the public apple – no matter whether truly needy/worthy or not.

    For the sake of the taxpayers, I surely hope someone steps forward.

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