Scientist Explains NATURAL Sources of Climate Change; Naples Best City; Wikileak/CIA; and MORE! Helena’s News Roundup

Prof Pilmer Global WarmingGeologist Blows Global Warming Away before British Parliament | Armstrong Economics

Best lecture I have ever heard on Global Warming by Prof. Ian Primer from Australia who was speaking before the British Parliament!! Must listen to someone who is an expert. Hint: Look at the title of this article to see how he stands on this issue. “Climate change in the past has been greater and faster” than today. “Carbon dioxide is plant food” not a pollutant! “We are currently in an ice age”  and most of earth history has been warmer and wetter.

Poll: Naples, Florida named happiest and healthiest city in US

Congratulations to Naples for being ranked 1st- and Sarasota/Bradenton/Northport for being ranked 6th! “Forget moving to Canada, Americans looking to find happiness in these turbulent times should head down south instead — to Naples, Florida, home of the happiest and healthiest community in the US, for the second year running! Naples and its neighboring Immokalee and Marco Island have been awarded the No. 1 spot on the Gallup-Healthways State of American Well-Being 2016 Community Well-Being Rankings list, released today. The Florida community topped the pollster’s list which ranked 189 communities based on responses regarding five ‘key elements of well-being’ — sense of purpose, positive social relationships, financial management, community pride and physical health.”

The Leftist Roots of the ‘Day Without a Woman’

Ridiculous!”Across the country Wed organizers hope women will skip out on work to send a message to the world.The idea is to show solidarity among women everywhere by demonstrating how poorly the world would work without female workers in the labor force or the home front. Some of the same people who organized the Women’s March on Wash the day after Trump’s inauguration are promoting the general strike…The march partners receiving the most Soros money over the years tend to range from Left to far Left.The report urges journalists cover the “Day Without a Woman” to expose the backgrounds of organizers. It notes that ABC, CBS and NBC never mentions controversial march supporters during a combined hour and 15 minutes of coverage. Those influencers include Soros and the Communist Party.”

EXCLUSIVE: Dem Super-Lobbyist Podesta Got $170K to End US Sanctions On Russian Bank

Oh the Stench of hypocracy! “Democratic super-lobbyist Tony Podesta (John Podesta’s brother) was paid $170,000 over a 6-month period last year to represent Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, seeking to end one of the Obama administration’s economic sanctions against that country. Podesta, founder of the Podesta Group, is listed as a key lobbyist on behalf of Sberbank, according to Senate lobbying disclosure forms. His firm received more than $24 million in fees in 2016, much of it coming from foreign governments..“The Democrats are sitting there trying to convince us that the Russians are trying to throw the election to Trump,” a congressional aide said..“And then they’re with us here in the House and meeting directly with the administration behind closed doors on the issue of the sanctions. The hypocrisy could not be any richer,” he said.”

Obamacare Repeal: The Dangers of Unrealistic Expectations

Must Read!” Investor’s Bus Daily sums up the general reaction of the right thus: “Republicans have labored to produce plan that replaces ObamaCare with ObamaCare.” Interestingly, the edit goes on to refute this arg by listing the bill’s positive attributes, including repeal of the law’s individual mandate, employer mandate, countless hidden taxes, and its expansion of HSAs. Yet IBD’s editors conclude that it “supports all the key elements of Obamacare. This viewpoint is not merely unrealistic about what the Republicans can accomplish.. but it reduces the chances that a repeal bill will ever reach Trump’s desk. Here’s a reality check for those who fantasize about “going back” to free market medicine – we haven’t had anything resembling a free health care market since WW II and we will never have one. What the voters want is cheap, accessible care – any way they can get it.”

WikiLeaks: CIA Uses ‘Stolen’ Malware to ‘Attribute’ Cyberattacks to Nations Like Russia – Breitbart

Wow!”Docs released by WikiLeaks show that the CIA kept records of malware attacks supposedly stolen from outside agents, including the Russian gov, used to “misdirect attribution” of hacking sources.“..“Each technique it has created forms a ‘fingerprint’ that can be used by forensic investigations to attribute multiple different attacks to the same entity… the UMBRAGE team then “collects and maintains a library of attack techniques ‘stolen’ from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.. ..”This means that the CIA could use a malware attack originally developed by another country to “misdirect attribution” for the hack away from themselves.”

North Korea missiles ‘drill for strike on US bases’: KCNA

Korea is threatening to attack US bases in Japan! “Nuclear-armed N Korea said Tues its missile launches were training for a strike on US bases in Japan, as global condemnation of the regime swelled.3 of the 4 missiles fired Mon came down provocatively close to Japan, in waters that are part of its exclusive econ zone.In separate phone calls, Trump – whose rhetoric on the campaign trail had raised doubts about the issue- reaffirmed Wash’s “ironclad commitment” to Japan and S Korea.The US will demonstrate to Pyongyang that there were “very dire consequences” for its actions, the White House said in a statement.The UN Security Council scheduled an emergency meeting for Wed after a request by Washington and Tokyo to discuss additional measures following the launch.Under UN resolutions, Pyongyang is barred from any use of ballistic missile technology..”

States Ease Restrictions on Voting by Felons

Allowing ex-felons to vote could make FL blue-the Democrat’s plan? ” Mr. Meade couldn’t vote in last year’s elections-not even for his wife, a Fl House candidate.That’s because Mr. Meade is among an estimated 6.1 million felons who have served their time and lost their right to vote, of whom about 1.7 million live in FL. VA, KY and IA are the only other states with lifetime voting bans, which can be lifted only through the clemency process. Other states impose waiting periods or require felons to complete parole or probation requirements. Meade plans to be in the courtroom Mon when the FL Supreme Court reviews a proposed constitutional amendment to allow felons, except for murderers and sex offenders, to vote after they finish their sentences, parole and probation. The court will decide whether the measure meets standards to go before voters, provided it gets enough signatures;  Meade, as head of Fl for a Fair Democracy, is leading the petition drive to put the amendment on the 2018 ballot”

Mark Levin: Was Obama Using NSA Against Trump During 2016 Campaign?

Levin spent most of his show discussing the alleged scandal surrounding Sessions and what he says is the real scandal: A “silent coup” by the former Obama administration against Trump.”They are not going to stop, I told you that the day after the election,” Levin urged. About Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from 2016 investigation he wondered: “Did Lynch or Holder ever recuse themselves from anything? This is the game they play! It is so pathetic to watch these Republicans on Capitol Hill. Not even 24 hours and they’re all over the TV telling Sessions to recuse himself. Recuse himself from what?”About Obama’s efforts against Trump: “There’s a much bigger scandal here: Obama and his surrogates-Who were using the… intelligence activities to surveil members of the Trump campaign, and to put that information out in the public. Those are police state tactics.”

Here’s how Richard Corcoran stormed Florida’s capital and made some people angry

Bravo!”As Corcoran waited his turn to be speaker, he served as mentor to 2 men who were later chosen to succeed him — Rep. Oliva in 2018 and Rep. Sprowls in 2020. Both men fervently share Corcoran’s vision. That ensures that his legacy endures after he leaves office, such as his call for transparency in spending and lobbying..Two years before becoming speaker, Corcoran..led the crusade .. opposing Medicaid expansion, calling it a monopoly, an inefficient subsidy to “the hospital-ind complex.””The enemy is us,” he told House members “Left to our own devices, all too often, we’ll choose self-interest. “Corcoran’s allies see a principled and fearless conservative who wants to cut spending, replace Medicaid with a private system, expand school choice and restrain an activist judiciary.”

Peter Schweizer: Trump vs. Clintons’ Russia ties (guess who always got a free pass)

“Many sounding the loudest alarm bells over Russian influence were curiously silent when far greater concerns were raised about the Clintons. Investigating the ties between Russia and those in Trump’s orbit is a legitimate exercise..Still, those pushing the narrative of troubling ties to Russia lose all credibility by wholly ignoring the far more troubling relationships the Clintons and their closest aides have maintained with Russian government officials for years.Unlike the revelations so far concerning Russian ties in the Trump camp, the Clinton deals involved hundreds of millions of dollars and enormous favors that benefited Russian interests.Bill and Hillary received large sums of money from Russian officials while Hillary was Secretary of State. Bill was paid a cool $500,000 (well above his norm fee) for a speech in Moscow in 2010.”

GOP To Eliminate DOJ ‘Slush Fund’ Used By Previous Admin. To Pay Left-Wing Activist Groups – Conservative Daily Post

“Before Holder proved what we already knew, that government and law enforcement routinely engage in any number of illegal activities.., it was hoped that the DOJ was at least somewhat honest (it isn’t). It was also hoped that maybe there were just a few bad apples, but it seems that the whole tree is rotten, all the way to it’s roots that prove to be Obama.It has come to light that the Obama administration has supplied BILLIONS in capital to activist organizations – many of whom are violent – through what The Gateway Pundit calls “a DOJ slush fund scheme” according to who is sourced as “congressional investigators.” The very illegal and highly immoral action(s) is being looked into by Republicans. Rep. Ratcliffe said, ““It’s clear partisan politics played a role in the illicit actions that were made. The DOJ is the last place this should have occurred.”


Without using illegal slush funds, Obamacare would have collapsed long ago. “Will this be the final nail in the coffin for Obamacare?Federal court litigation provides evidence the Obama administration illegally diverted taxpayer funds that had not been appropriated by Congress in an unconstitutional scheme to keep Obamacare from imploding.In 2016, a US District judge caught the Obama administration’s HHS Dept acting unconstitutionally and therefore put an end to the illegal diversion of taxpayer funds, but the Obama administration didn’t stop there.The Obama admin instead turned to “Fannie Mae,” and “Freddie Mac” – to invent a new diversion of funds in a desperate attempt to keep Obamacare from collapsing.”

Left threatens Trump-friendly senators with primary challenges

Must Read how the Left are threatening their own!! “Progressives are threatening primary challenges for Democrat lawmakers who don’t commit to full obstruction of Trump’s agenda. Demcrats already face a daunting 2018 landscape, with 10 senators up for reelection in states that Trump won. However, the threat of primaries foes going up against vulnerable Democrats such as WV’s Joe Manchin further complicates the party’s chances of coming out with a net victory.But the party’s left flank is convinced that a full embrace of progressivism is the only way to return to power, and it is ready to fight for the party’s soul…We Will Replace You is the most visible effort gearing up to back primary challenges from the left. Spearheaded by a group of progressives,.. the group’s website includes a warning for Democrats looking to avoid a competitive primary race.”

Almost 1/2 of 3rd graders fail Florida reading test |

Learn why kids can’t read! “The news that almost half of all third graders in FL failed the 2016 state reading test didn’t make headlines last spring.And maybe it’s understandable why. They were actually worse the year before – 1% worse. So the papers – to be kind to the kids and teachers, presumably gave it a positive spin – “reading scores improve”(!)Just 54% of 3rd graders statewide got a 3 or above (a passing grade) on the Fl Standards Assess for English Language Arts in 2016, while 46% got a 1 or 2, not passing. It might be tempting to blame electronics, or lazy parents, or TV. But consider that every one of these children, prior to taking the 3rd-grade reading test, had spent at least 2000 hours in a classroom over 31/2 years. And consider that reading is the No. 1 subject in the early years..”