Solar Bankruptcy, Tampa Bay Transit Political War, Judge Napolitano Vindicated on Obama Spying Claims; and MORE! Helena’s News Roundup.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Pending Bankruptcy Of Largest Solar Company Puts Alternative Energy Industry Into Full Meltdown Mode

“The darling industry of Sustainable Development is solar energy and wind turbines. The global policy of Sustainable Development (Technocracy) is to destroy carbon-based energy and replace the deficit with alt energy.The first problem is that Technocracy is a crackpot vision of Utopia that has never been tried, much less tested. There is no evidence that it would ever work… yet, Technocrats everywhere, including the UN, assure us that this is the hottest thing since the invention of electricity.The destruction of carbon-based energy sources is already under way, creating energy deficits, which leads to the 2nd problem. Simultaneously, the first wave of solar development was also underway with glorious promises..(but) the industry has reversed field and is in full retreat. The largest solar company in the world, SunEdison, is headed toward bankruptcy.”

Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump

Proof?”An article in the Guardian provides more confirmation that John Brennan was the American progenitor of political espionage aimed at defeating Trump. One side did collude with foreign powers to tip the election – Hillary’s. Seeking to retain his position as CIA director under Hillary, Brennan teamed up with British spies and Estonian spies to cripple Trump’s candidacy. He used their phony intelligence as a pretext for a multi-agency investigation into Trump, which led the FBI to probe a computer server connected to Trump Tower and gave cover to Rice, among others, to spy on Trump and his people. Brennan’s CIA operated like a branch office of the Hillary campaign, leaking out mentions of this bogus investigations to the press in the hopes of inflicting maximum political damage on Trump.”

Obama Political Spying Scandal: Trump Associates Were Not the First Targets

Wow!”There is a question whether the Obama administration was guilty of gross abuse of power- exploiting its intelligence-collection authority to keep tabs on its political opponents, thwarting and punishing their resistance….In an analysis, Lee Smith considers the likely abuse of foreign-intelligence-collection authority by the Obama administration in connection with negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program… But there was something different about this monitoring. It was not targeted merely at Israeli officials plotting their opposition strategy. The WSJ reported in Dec 2015 that the targeting “also swept up the contents of some of [the Israeli officials’] private conversations with US lawmakers and American-Jewish groups.” Smith continues:“At some point, the administration weaponized the NSA’s legitimate monitoring of communications of foreign officials to stay one step ahead of domestic political opponents,” says a pro-Israel political operative..”

Pragmatic Gov. Rick Scott Weighs in on SB 10 — with Welcome Common Sense

Yeah for Scott on his approach to fixing the Hoover dike etc. “Thank God, then, that Scott is a pragmatic governor who gets the importance of Fl’s legacy issues — the Everglades in particular, and how this fragile, challenging treasure of an ecosystem, so wrought with human scars, affects millions of people.When Scott said Mon he wants the Legislature to include $200 million in its budget to help fix the Herbert Hoover Dike by 2022, he was moving to keep the communities of the Glades safe from a catastrophic dike break, keep Everglades restoration on course and give the federal government a chance to be a real partner — perhaps with Trump’s confidence and buy-in generally, finally a willing one.”Repairing the dike is key to enhancing the water quality in So Fl,” Scott said.Yes, it is. This is a good plan.”

Why Does It Cost $409 Billion To Figure Out What We Owe In Taxes?

Good Question on Tax Day!! “If Trump wants to drain the swamp, the best place to start is with the tax code, which is so complicated that Americans spend billions of hours and hundreds of billions of dollars just trying to figure out how much they owe.The IRS instructions for filing out the 1040 form include a box near the back that estimates how much time it takes to fill that one form out. This year, it’s 15 hours. That’s a 67% increase from 1988. This year, the instruction booklet runs 241 pages. In 1988 it was fewer than 80.The tax code has become so complicated that even the IRS complains about it. In its annual report to Congress, the IRS’ national taxpayer advocate, Olson, writes that the tax code imposes a “significant, even unconscionable, burden on taxpayers.”This is the hidden tax.”

Political clash over regional transit divides Tampa Bay senators

Must Read on outcome Sen. Latvala’s bill for a Tampa Bay regional Transit.”Open warfare among Republican Tampa Bay legislators claimed its latest casualty Mon, dooming hopes for legislation unity as a gridlocked region looks for solutions to its chronic transportation problems. “Senators Brandes of St. Petersbirg and Lee of Thonotosassa overrode Latvala with an amendment that strips the authority of its independence by requiring legislative approval for any local spending on a light rail system and barring the authority from spending money to advocate for light rail in a voter referendum. The amendment passed easily in the Senate Community Affairs Committee, which Lee chairs.”

Trump’s first 100 days have been better than you think

Good Read! “As the end of Trump’s first 100 days approaches, now’s a good a time to cut through the fog of misinformation, disinformation, media propaganda,..that has greeted his arrival in Wash and take a look at how he’s doing.Answer: much better than you think.Let’s take the area that was supposed to be his Achilles’ heel, foreign policy… Trump settled on Tillerson to be his secretary of state. Like his boss,Tillerson had no prior experience in government – which has turned out so far to be an excellent thing. Unencumbered by the can’t-do conventional wisdom of the establishment and its parrots in the press corps, Tillerson has played the carrot to Trump’s stick, soothing Chinese feathers ruffled during the campaign with a March visit to Beijing and setting up the successful meeting between The Donald and the Chinese president..”

Solar panels on new police headquarters would take 1/3 of a century to make good on cost, council hits pause button

Glad to see some on the St. Petersburg City Council look at the cost benefits of installing solar panels!! “Faced with estimates placing solar panels on the roof of the new police headquarters would take 32 years to start making good on the $2.7 million cost, St. Petersburg City Council members decided to hit the pause button Thurs. Several council members questioned whether it made better sense to wait for technology to produce more efficient panels in a few years.“Thirty two year rate of return. That’s not impressive to me,” said council member Kennedy, chairman of the Budget, Finance and Tax Committee. Council chair Rice argued that while it might not show up on a spreadsheet, moving forward with the 489 kilowatt solar array on the $79 million new headquarters, made long-term sense.”

Sessions on Sanctuary City Leaders: ‘We’re Going to Battle Them Every Step of the Way’

Watch Video!”Sessions said it “makes no sense” that sanctuary cities want to fight the federal government to prevent detention of illegal immigrants. Sessions said that voters in those areas must hold their local governments accountable to keep their cities safe.”We’re going to put pressure on these cities,” he said..”We’re going to battle them every step of the way.”Sessions said he will stand firm on his plan to withhold grant money from cities that do not abide by federal immigration laws.He said some police departments do not necessarily agree with their orders to ignore ICE detainers, but must operate at the pleasure of the mayor.”They think this is crazy,” Sessions said. Earlier this week, Sessions said illegal immigrant criminals and drug cartels are turning American cities into “war zones.””It is a direct threat to our legal system, peace and prosperity,” he said.”

Nelson strong in poll of Floridians

“A 50-state survey by Morning Consult on the approval ratings of every senator and governor last week offered good news and bad for Sen. Bill Nelson as Fl’s top Democrat heads toward an expected 2018 challenge from Gov. Scott. Nelson’s good news in the Jan to March survey of 8,793 F voters: 53% of voters approve of Nelson’s performance and 26% disapprove, giving him a higher net favorability (net +27) than either Scott (+21) or Sen. Rubio (+14).The bad news: More than one in five voters don’t know enough about their 3-term senator to have an opinion on Nelson. It’s safe to assume that Scott will have considerably more money to spend defining Nelson than the incumbent’s last two challengers.” Both Sen. Nelson and Gov. Scott have relatively strong approval ratings,””However, if Scott enters the race he will immediately have a valuable leg-up in terms of name ID. More than 21% of Fl voters aren’t familiar with Nelson, compared to just 7% for Scott.”

PBS Lesson Plan Teaches Kids to Sympathize With Radical Islamic Terrorism – Liberty Headlines

Must Read “PBS is home to Big Bird and other programs.. including lesson plans instructing teachers how to show kids to be more sympathetic to radical IS suicide bombers in Palestine.“Dying to be a Martyr.” That’s the name of a lesson plan offered to students and teachers at no cost by PBS, taxpayer-funded, and some of the material seems to encourage students to learn to sympathize with radical IS terrorists.The “Dying to be a Martyr” lesson plan is offered through PBS’ LearningMedia website..On PBS’ website.. the lesson plan has been viewed more than 1,200 times… the Christian Action Net sent a “Letter of Demand” to the US Dept of Ed, mandating the PBSwebsite cease its “so-called educational material” covering topics related to Islam, which CAN said are “nothing more than indoctrinating students into Islamic religious beliefs, duties and actions.”

Judge Napolitano Vindicated? British Intelligence Was Used By Obama Administration to Obtain FISA Warrants On Trump Team…

The Truth!! Judge Napolitano had claimed: “3 intelligence sources have informed Fox that Obama went outside the chain of command… He used GCHQ. What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spy agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database…However, today CNN is confirming what Napolitano was previously saying: CNN – British and other European intelligence agencies intercepted communications between associates of Trump and Russian officials and other Russian individuals during the campaign and passed those to their US counterparts, US congressional and law enforcement and US and European intelligence sources tell CNN. Jan 23rd, 2017, 3 days after Trump’s inauguration, the head of the U.K. GCHQ unexpectedly resigns:..NSA Dir Rogers may have notified Team Trump of Obama’s Intelligence Community (Clapper and Brennan) involvement in surveillance activity.”

House Approves ‘Schools of Hope’ Bill to Save Failing Florida Schools

Yeah! “Hope is on the horizon to turn around Fl’s failing schools. On Thurs, Fl House lawmakers approved a plan to turn around failing public schools and “bring hope” back to Fl students. Legislators approved the “Schools of Hope” bill by a vote of 77-40. Democrats unanimously voted against the bill.          HB 5105, sponsored by Reps. Chris Latvala and Bileca would speed up the time for school districts to turn around failing schools. The proposal would also set aside $200 million in startup costs to attract new charter schools for students attending failing schools statewide. The allotted funds would pay for teacher recruitment and extending school days. It would affect 77,000 Fl students stuck in 115 “D” and “F” schools statewide.”

Judicial Watch Warns 11 States to Clean Voter Registration Lists or Face Federal Lawsuit – Judicial Watch

Exposed! “Judicial Watch announced it has sent notice-of-violation letters threatening to sue 11 states having counties in which the number of registered voters exceeds the number of voting-age citizens, as calculated by the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011-2015 American Community Survey. According to the letters, this is “strong circumstantial evidence that these … counties are not conducting reasonable voter registration record maintenance as mandated under the [Nat’l Voter Registration Act] NVRA.” Both the NVRA and the federal Help America Vote Act require states to take reasonable steps to maintain accurate voting rolls.The 11 states are: AL, FL, GA, IL, IA, KY, MD, NJ, NY, NC and TE. The counties in FL are: Clay, Flagler, Okaloosa, Osceola, Santa Rosa, St. Johns..”

Democrats Side With Union Bosses Over Veterans In VA Accountability Fight

“Democrats.. would rather bow to their union masters than allow the VA to fire workers who aren’t doing their jobs.The proof is the Democrats’ fervent opposition to a reform being pushed by Republicans – the VA Accountability First Act. This bill would let the VA secretary fire someone and not have to wait a month for the person to be fired. It would also let the VA cut the pensions for those convicted of a felony, and reclaim bonuses from those fired.The bill got some needed momentum after a VA worker was caught watching pornography while with a patient. VA Secretary Shulkin wanted him fired immediately, only to learn that the worker is entitled to spend a month on desk duty before being shown the door..But when the account measure reached the House, just 10 Democrats voted for it. And now, Democrats are threatening to block a similar bill in the Senate.”