May Day Pushes Socialism through Violence. The Pope agrees; U.S. Citizens should Celebrate “Loyalty Day” instead. Part II on Socialism.

May Day rioters are pushing Socialisim. The large crowds that gather with them either know it or are what Vladimir Lenin would call "useful idiots".

May Day rioters are pushing Socialism. The large crowds that gather with them either know it or are what Vladimir Lenin would call “useful idiots”.

“..attempts to impose the absolute domination of one’s own side through the destruction of the other side’s capacity to resist, using every possible means, not excluding the use of lies, terror tactics against citizens, and weapons of utter destruction” (Pope John Paul II, 5/1/1991. On Marxism’s use of the “Class Struggle” – embodied in May Day riots.).

Today is May Day and the socialists of the world again unite to further advance their totalitarian cause under the false banner of “worker’s rights”.  Everywhere the left wing narrative machine (often called “the news”), is pushing the fake news that May Day is the just the observation of “International Workers Day” to promote workers’ rights. In fact, May 1, May Day, is a rallying point for rioters to use violence to advance the goal of socialism.  History has shown us that the International workers movement is largely a sham, a cover operation, for socialists. May Day is merely a tool to attract those who use violence and oppression to dominate others and to rally them together as part of a total war against freedom. May Day is most specifically part of a total war against the American system as originally founded. May Day embraces the weapon of choice, the class struggle, that has historically pushed Socialism throughout modern history dating back to the late 1800’s. Americans can resist the Socialist march by instead observing “Loyalty Day” to celebrate American Freedom.


Paris Police hit with fire by May Day Rioters. Violence and oppression of opposition is the goal of May Day "protesters" as they push Socialism. As Marx said, "Peace is the absence of opposition to socialism". If you want peace, you better sit down and shut up or this will happen to you.

Violence, silencing of dissent through intimidation, boycott and other methods of terrorism are the main means of advancing socialism. Paris Rioters set police on fire today who were merely trying to protect the innocent and peaceful from them.

Major news outlets  continue their May Day propaganda with their reporting today.

NBC: “May Day has traditionally been used to promote workers’ rights and to protest poor labor conditions. “

CNN: “…a day to celebrate workers’ rights…”

NPR: “Marches in support of worker rights and labor unions are taking place around the world Monday, dubbed “May Day.”

ABC: May Day is used“…used to commemorate workers or protest for their rights.”

CBS: “…union members traditionally march on May 1 for workers’ rights in countries around the world…”

USA Today: “…annually spawns protests around the globe highlighting workers’ rights.”

Most of them are reporting on the many acts of violence, like the fiery attack on police in Paris just today. However, most of the spin is against the authorities that tend to counter the lawless rioters. In fact, there is little to no reporting on who is behind these riots, euphemistically dubbed “protests” by the fake new perpetrators. There can be little doubt that the rioters will be revealed as organized by the same extremist left wing and socialist organizations responsible for Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street and the recent riots seen throughout America funded by George Soros.  The fact that the major American news organizations continue to push pro-May Day Propaganda, indicates they are largely part of the socialist movement in the United States of America.

may day protestorsA perusal of the images on the NPR site today remove any doubt about the goal of May Day and those who organize it. The image slider at the top of this NPR story shows multiple pictures of socialists and communists with red flags, hammers and sickles and even a portrait of Joseph Stalin being paraded as a hero! If there is any further doubt of the goal of May Day, merely recognize that it was used as a rallying point by Vladimir Lenin to help foment the Russian Revolution in the name of “worker’s rights”. The website “” tells the May Day story of Lenin with pride!

May Day is based on the “Haymarket” riots of 1886, euphemistically called the “Haymarket Affair”. Even today, CNN reports May Day as such: “The date was chosen because it aligned with the anniversary of the Haymarket affair in Chicago, where police killed four people at a peaceful protest after someone threw a bomb into the crowd.” The Media bias is obvious, blaming the police for killing “peaceful protesters”, but not pointing out that these police responded to a bomb thrown into their midst’s that killed seven officers. The almost certain source of the bomb were the anarchists organizing the riots with the goal of advancing socialism.

Saint Pope John Paul II was a warrior against the Nazis, Soviets – both of which were socialists. As Pope, he described socialism as “Evil” in his famous Enclyclical Centesimus Annus (“Hundredth year”) which commemorated the 100th year since publication of Pope Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum (“New Things”). Saint Pope John Paul II released his rejection of socialism on May Day 1991 (May 1, 1991). This was an obvious slap in the face of the “International Worker’s Day” movement and meant to emphasize its false claims, evil tools and evil fruit: Socialism.

“14. From the same atheistic source, socialism also derives its choice of the means of action condemned in Rerum novarum, namely, class struggle. The Pope does not, of course, intend to condemn every possible form of social conflict. The Church is well aware that in the course of history conflicts of interest between different social groups inevitably arise, and that in the face of such conflicts Christians must often take a position, honestly and decisively. The Encyclical Laborem exercens moreover clearly recognized the positive role of conflict when it takes the form of a “struggle for social justice”;41 Quadragesimo anno had already stated that “if the class struggle abstains from enmities and mutual hatred, it gradually changes into an honest discussion of differences founded on a desire for justice”.42

However, what is condemned in class struggle is the idea that conflict is not restrained by ethical or juridical considerations, or by respect for the dignity of others (and consequently of oneself); a reasonable compromise is thus excluded, and what is pursued is not the general good of society, but a partisan interest which replaces the common good and sets out to destroy whatever stands in its way. In a word, it is a question of transferring to the sphere of internal conflict between social groups the doctrine of “total war”, which the militarism and imperialism of that time brought to bear on international relations. As a result of this doctrine, the search for a proper balance between the interests of the various nations was replaced by attempts to impose the absolute domination of one’s own side through the destruction of the other side’s capacity to resist, using every possible means, not excluding the use of lies, terror tactics against citizens, and weapons of utter destruction (which precisely in those years were beginning to be designed). Therefore class struggle in the Marxist sense and militarism have the same root, namely, atheism and contempt for the human person, which place the principle of force above that of reason and law.” (Paragraph 14 of Centesimus Annus, Pope John Paul II, emphasis added).

Loyalty DayEverywhere today, we see the “class struggle” method of socialism used to destroy opposition. Campus rioters shut down speeches, now merely with the threat of violence. They can threaten violence because they have been more than willing to literally set college campuses ablaze recently. The streets of Ferguson, Portland, Oakland and many other cities have seen violence from these rioters, which the propagandist press continue to call “Protesters”. American interested in preserving their freedom and protecting America from the continued Socialist scourge must remain ever vigilant. Freedom loving American must begin to demand police action to stop these rioters. No more should they be allowed to use their class struggle tool without resistance. The police should be applauded for reasonable means to stop these riots, even if it means the use of force to secure arrest and prison time for the rioters.

For those looking for a little more hope, remember that President Dwight D. Eisenhower recognized the threat of celebrating May Day in America. He signed an act of Congress forever labeling May 1 in America as “Loyalty Day”.  The act states: “Loyalty Day is a special day for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom.”

The analysis on Socialism on Sunbeam Times continues through May.