Overwhelming Victory for Private Rowdies Stadium!

St. Petersburg voters gave a huge victory to private enterprise in St. Pete, passing the special Rowdies referendum with 87% in favor. The lopsided victory shows that St. Petersburg residents embrace common sense solutions that limit the role of government and prefer private solutions instead.

Based on this victory, Mayor Kriseman should cancel all current Pier contracts and call for a 30 year lease to build a new pier – with private money. The St. Petersburg government should give up on any taxpayer money to build a Rays Stadium.

Complete results are at http://enr.votepinellas.com/FL/Pinellas/68824/186362/en/summary.html


2 Replies:

  1. Bud Trill

    Common sense being applied by the Sun Beam Times, how refreshing. No sports venues should be subsidized by tax dollars whatsoever.

  2. k. vogler

    Great victory. I agree that the Government should cancel their plans to build another pier. Much taxpayer money is wasted already and costs are rising, probably leading to ongoing project losses over the years, not paid by the decision makers.The pier was St. Petersburg’s Eiffel tower, it was structurally sound and should never have been demolished.

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