Global Warming Hoaxing: Report from the 12th International Conference on Climate Change by Kerry Brown, Esq.

The climate change models are complex and are based on the best guess of climate scientists. All scientists expect their models to be confirmed by actual results. This is not the case for the IPCC climate models.

The climate change models are complex and are based on the best guess of climate scientists. Most scientists expect their models to be confirmed by actual results. This is not the case for the the global warming alarmist climate models. Actual results have been different than those predicted by the flawed models of the climate alarmists.

Editor’s note: Thanks to Kerry Brown* for reporting from the 12th International Conference on Climate Change this past Spring in DC. He brings us information the establishment media refuses to cover on climate change: the theories are based on flawed computer models and pseudoscience, the agenda is driven by power and control ambitions of the elite, and that nature is the underlying source of climate variation. As if on cue, the data used for computer models of the global warming alarmists have been just exposed again as “not a valid reflection of reality” – by real scientists.

Report from the International Conference on Climate Change.

The Heartland Institute hosted the 12th International Conference on Climate Change this past Spring in DC.  This was the 3rd conference  I have attended.  More than 50% of the speakers concentrated on the science rather than policy, but a good number discussed both.

The best speakers in alphabetical order were:

Myron Ebell – Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and head of the Trump transition team on energy.  Mr. Ebell discussed numerous policy issues concentrating on EPA reformation and climate change funding reduction.

Dr. Will Happer, eminent Princeton physicist and co-founder of the CO2 Coalition, explained how CO2 benefits plant life and how ridiculous it is to have the EPA declare a basic building block of life— a pollutant. Increased C02 greens the earth, increases crop yields and decreases water needs of plants.  He ended on a sober note that we should be more concerned about the current crisis of feeding the poor, providing clean water and keeping their lungs clean from wood smoke. The drumbeat threat of anthropological warming has not, to date, matched the expensive computer models or the hot hyperbole coming from the alarmists.  Dr. Happer mentioned an 1840’s book by Charles Mackay explaining that mass hysterias historically are shown to be wired in the human psyche.

Pat Michaels of the Cato Institute and former president of the State Meteorology Association, spoke with impassioned humor of the sorry state of so-called scientific climate research.  He pointed out the need to dramatically reduce EPA funding, reverse its CO2 endangerment finding and then fully disengage from the Paris accord.

Christopher Moncton was educated in the sciences/math at Cambridge.  He must have minored in English humor.  He wowed the crowd with funny photos and dizzying math. He appears to have discovered a significant flaw in the alarmist calculations of the atmosphere’s greenhouse feedback loop that might explain why the models have been so wrong to date. He is obtaining peer review so that he can publish his findings. A number of scientists and mathematicians have looked it over and agree.

James Taylor, president of The Spark of Freedom Foundation, Inc. (of which I am a director) spoke on alternative fuel/energy.  He clearly showed how the US reduction in carbon emissions has been driven by the natural gas revolution much more than taxpayer-supported wind and solar industries. He also stressed the need to keep nuclear plants in service and to find ways to build cheaper new ones by cutting delays thrown up by government and NIMBY neighbors.  Hydroelectric, likewise a 100 % carbon free energy source, is being attacked by misguided environmental zealots.

Finally and parenthetically, I applaud “The Neglected Sun” (Stacey Int’l 2013) written by two German scientists Vahrenholt (one of the founders of the German green movement and named to a key German renewable energy board by both Chancellors Merkle and Schroeder) and Luning (long time fellow of the American Geophysical Society). It is packed with real analysis of many solar and oceanic cycles that do greatly influence our climate and are woefully under- valued in the expensive and incorrect IPCC computer models.  Reading this book helped me form a coherent question at a Princeton Alumni panel earlier this month. A good number of people came up to me after the panel and took handouts.

This book and other climate material may be obtained, some gratis, from The Heartland Institute.

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Kerry H. Brown is a St Petersburg attorney with a degree in Politics from Princeton University and a law degree from the University of Florida. He has brought American history to life in the person of Abe Lincoln for over 20 years at local schools and civic/charity events.

Mr. Brown believes there needs to be an ongoing debate about climate change and discussion of alternative fuels.

He is a director of Spark of Freedom Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) policy group advocating for rational solutions including non-subsidized fuels for our hungry power grid.