Americans Can Unite on our Common Ground: Peace, Prosperity, Freedom and Happiness.

Let's unite on our common ground of freedom, peace, prosperity and happiness and reject the division of the mob and their puppet masters.

Let’s unite on our common ground of freedom, peace, prosperity and happiness and reject the division of the mob and their puppet masters.

Most Americans want Peace. Most Americans want prosperity. Most Americans want to live free and set the conditions of their own lives. Most Americans want their neighbors to be just as happy as they are. But this is the question for the vast majority of Americans: can we meet on this common ground of peace, prosperity, freedom and happiness or will we be driven from unifying ground by the forces of division seeking to keep us frightened and on the run?  For the sake of the peoples of this nation, we must be willing to take back the common ground from the dividers – and it is not as hard as it may seem now.

What is needed is solidarity among people of good will. Fortunately, there are more people of good will in America than the propaganda artists would have us believe. If we were to accept the common mantra perpetrated by some parties, Americans are hopelessly divided between the false paradigms of the “left” and the “right”. These labels are false constructs describing minor variations of the same theme: dominance.  We see the agitators these days portrayed in constant “reality TV mode” on network broadcasts, cable, social media and the internet.  They march with locked arms through our streets, chanting in rhymes, carrying signs and torches, hurling bottles, rocks and more at their targets and anyone who gets in their way. They are the mob, the mindless scourge rampaging through our cities seeking to sow terror among the masses. Their objective is to drive people of good will to ground – to leave them cowering in hiding and place them into states of submission before the mob.  They show up with torches at monuments to slavery. They show up on college campuses to silence people they label as “haters”. They block freeways and city streets with no permits.  The mob is organized by professionals, populated by many well-meaning people who get caught up in the moment and peppered with paid professional agitators skilled in violence and covered in black masks.  These mobs seek only dominance. No matter the strain of political philosophy that has been attributed to them, their goal is submission of peace-loving Americans to their will – or else.

Overcoming the mob is possible, but it takes the vast majority of us, the long silent majority to stand up to and overwhelm the mob – not physically, but through our refusal to be dominated. It is clear that the components of the mob are a minority. They are revved up by the manufactured outrage of the propagandists who are really pushing their own agenda and hope to fan the flames of hate the mob can spread like a wildfire. A mob set aflame can seem like the brightest light in the dark night of our fear. But when the sun rises, we all see how small they actually are, and how they truly are outnumbered by those of us with good will. Those of good will who want the simplest things that are anathema to the mob and their puppet masters: peace, prosperity, freedom, happiness for themselves and their neighbors.

Americans, it is time for all of us with good will to come together. We must set aside our petty differences of what color we wear that represents some false political paradigm. Let’s walk out of our homes, and shake hands with our neighbors in the middle of the street. Then let’s join together in the good will of unity and march forward in freedom. Let’s expel mobs that seek to silence anyone through intimidation in our public square, college campuses, or corporate board room – because when they run out of targets there, they will certainly come to your home.  Let’s reject their divisive rhetoric that seeks to recruit you to their rabble – because the more people of good will that are taken from our streets, the fewer who are left to unite on the good common ground we seek. Let’s ignore the propaganda machines claiming to represent truth that is actually a repetition of lies – because we know real truths lies in the hearts of people of good will who want the best for their brothers and sisters, not the worst.

Americans have a long history of coming together in times of crisis. Through our history, truth has prevailed. Truth prevailed at our founding when we overthrew the dictatorship of a remote monarchy and established a system that placed individual freedom above government power. Freedom prevailed when we united to finally end slavery in our country – at such a costly price. Peace and prosperity prevailed as we embraced personal and free enterprise that lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty in our streets and throughout the world. Freedom and happiness prevailed as we saw iron curtains fall with concrete walls in Berlin and people freed from the oppression of “their betters”. We still see people striving to come to the shining city on the hill seeking these beautiful ideals. They brave desert crossings, makeshift rafts across dangerous seas, and barbed wire of the walls that contain them. Peace. Prosperity. Freedom. Happiness. In other words liberty and justice for all. That is the common ground on which Americans must unite to face down the mobs that would instead seek privilege and control only for themselves.  This will drive these mobs manufacturers back under their rocks and awaken those under the mob’s spell so they can walk away and join their neighbors on the common ground of peace, prosperity, freedom and happiness.

The time for truce-making is here. Now is the time to relax clenched hands that battle and instead reach out with open hands that embrace. This is the time to say in one unified voice: we are people of good who will gather on the common ground to re-light the lamp of love over our land.