Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines? Palestinian Leader Defends Israel? Whaaa? More on Helena’s News Roundup.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

Helena gathers top stories of the week for our readers to review.

WATCH: Palestinian Leaders Stunned as Hamas Founder’s Son Defends Israel

You must watch this video of the Hamas Founder’s son speaking at the UN this week exposing the PLO lies!!What is great is watching the people sitting around him in stunned disbelief with his very articulate anti PLO speech. He should run to be the head of the UN! Mosab Hassan Yousef is a Palestinian who worked undercover for Israel’s internal security service Shin Bet from 1997 to 2007. He converted to Christianity in 1999. (See Wikipedia.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosab_Hassan_Yousef )


Facts, Not Emotions, Are Needed In Gun Debate — Here Are 3

Must Read! “It is utterly predictable that, after a mass shooting, there are urgent pleadings for “gun control” laws. It’s also predictable that any facts about gun laws and gun violence will be tossed aside…How about, instead of indulging in emotional responses and name-calling, these people offered the public some pertinent facts that would help enlighten the debate? Here are three:1. More gun laws won’t mean fewer homicides or mass shootings. Gun control advocates claim that there’s a direct relationship between state gun-control laws and gun-related fatalities. But these numbers include suicides, which account for two-thirds of all gun deaths. Restricting the sale of new guns isn’t likely to have a significant impact on suicides.When you look only at homicides, there’s no clear correlation between those and state gun laws.”

FYI: Mandalay Bay is a gun free zone and their guidelines prohibit their security personnel from carrying weapons of any kind!!

President Trump isn’t responsible for Puerto Rico’s decades of corruption and collapse

Excellent Read! “Sanders and Hillary are very concerned about the people of Puerto Rico. Both have joined the mayor of San Juan in criticizing Trump for not doing enough for Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Seriously, where have they been?Where were they when Puerto Rico’s debts ballooned to $123 billion, thrusting the economy into an 11-year recession? Where were they when 50,000 of the island’s best and brightest hightailed to the mainland every year, looking for jobs as median household income sank to $18,626 as compared to $56,516 on the mainland? Where were they as the territory’s power system went bust, while its administrators came under FBI investigation for stealing from the people?…If any good is to come out of Hurricane Maria, it will be that Americans learn that political corruption fed by high taxes and a bloated bureaucracy is a toxic combination.”


Florida Declares State of Emergency as State Prepares for Influx of Displaced Puerto Ricans
“Scott declared a State of Emergency in all 67 Fl counties in response to Hurricane Maria Tues.In a press release, Scott said the declaration would provide “important resources” and assistance needed to accommodate families impacted by Hurricane Maria..Thousands of Puerto Ricans are expected to come to Fl to flee the country, which was left badly damaged by the storm. Many portions of the island are still without power and some have estimated it could take 4 to 6 months for the entire island to have its lights turned back on. Travelers coming to Fl will need help to get back on their feet, and Scott said Fl stands ready to help survivors of the storm rebuild their lives piece by piece. ”

Look Around: You Really Think Online Voter Registration Is Safe?

Must Read!!”Call me too ignorant.. but online voter registration, which went into effect in Fl Oct. 1, feels like Big Trouble… it won’t be long before several supervisors of election cry foul when some shadowy cyber mischiefmaker with enough personal data impersonates voters and changes registration records. I’m not comforted that 35 states and DC made Fl look late to the online voter registration party. Nor am I comforted by the secretary of state. Detzner’s good-news press release is full of assurances. RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov, the website to sign up, “has multiple safeguards in place to verify and protect a person’s identity and personal information,” he says, “including a state-of-the-art firewall, data encryption, captcha boxes, session time-out after inactivity and the use of multi-screens. …”

Desperately Seeking A Trump Failure In Puerto Rico

Progress in Puerto Rico! “You never let a serious crisis go to waste” was Rahm Emanuel’s motto. It’s one that Trump’s critics have embraced as they try to use Puerto Rico’s struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria as a political weapon… You’d also likely not know that the reaction from Puerto Rico officials to the federal government’s response has been largely positive. Gov. Rossello said that “the administration has answered and complied with our petitions in an expedited manner.” (See the nearby FEMA chart.)…He notes that, 69% of gas stations and 65% of supermarkets were open, 63% of the island’s ports were fully operational, 40% of telecommunication had been restored, 27% ATMs and 26% of flight service was operational. Mon, Rossello said that almost 1/2 the residents have running water and 10 hospitals have power.”
Why the Republicans in Congress are Blowing It

Must Read!! “It’s not a secret Americans are growing frustrated with the slow pace of the Republican led Congress…It was hoped legislation would be on the president’s desk immediately following his inauguration to repeal and replace Obamacare. It wasn’t. Instead, the House and Senate fumbled the ball and the bill stagnated until the Graham-Cassidy Bill which still doesn’t solve the problem effectively. Even though they campaigned for several years to oust Obamacare, they have suddenly come down with an acute case of the stupids.Now in Oct, it was hoped we would have also rewritten the tax code by now, passed the 2018 budget, and addressed the construction of the southern border wall. Alas, nothing. The question is, Why?”

The media is missing the Republican takeover in New England

Interesting article on Republican governors in New England! “On Sept. 19, Politico reporter Everett tweeted that he suddenly “[Remembers Vermont has a Republican governor].” His tweet prompted Seung Min Kim, a fellow Politico reporter who covers the US Senate, to reply that she “[Learns Vermont has a Republican governor].” That, in turn, instigated a response by WSJ congressional reporter Tau: “[Googles the name of Vermont’s Republican governor].”To which Phil Scott, Vermont’s Republican governor, responded that he “[Is Vermont’s Republican governor].”The moment was comical but also insightful, underscoring just how little Washington’s political class knows about who holds the executive power in the Northeast.Here’s the surprising truth: It’s not the Democrats.”

Budweiser considers ending their NFL sponsorship over protests — and they want to hear from you

Good to hear that Budweiser wants fans’ input on whether they should end their sponsorship of the NFL!! “In the wake of increased national anthem protests by NFL players, Anheuser-Busch is reconsidering its NFL sponsorship, likely because the protests are very unpopular among everyday Americans. Bud Light currently serves as the official beer of the NFL.So the company set up a hotline for fans to call and give their thoughts about the protests and Anheuser-Busch’s sponsorship of the NFL. The number for the hotline is: 1-800-342-5283.”

Exposing Democrats’ lies on the Trump tax-cut plan

Must Read! “Trump has unveiled a plan to ignite economic growth and simplify the tax-filing ordeal. Sadly, top Democrats are responding with divisive rhetoric and lies. Schumer dismisses the plan as “wealth-fare.” Pelosi calls the plan “giveaways to big corporations and billionaires.”Intent on stoking envy, these class warriors are willing to forfeit economic growth. But the nation can’t afford to. Sanders smears the Trump plan as “morally repugnant,” claiming the rich don’t pay their “fair share.” You’ll hear the same complaint in the “Not One Penny” TV ads paid for by MoveOn.org and other left-wing groups. They warn Congress not to allow one cent of tax cuts for high-income people.But the top 10% of earners pay 80% of federal income taxes. Do the math. Any sizable tax cut will benefit them.”

Menendez has set a new low for blatant corruption in the US

Menendez and all the corruption in a nutshell!! “This coming week, the jury is expected to hear that Reid “reached out to the White House deputy chief of staff, informing her that Menendez was upset,” according to the government’s brief. Reid later hosted Menendez and then-HHS Sec Kathleen Sebelius in his US Capitol office, where Menendez pressured her to approve the overbilling. The defense does not dispute the core facts of the case. They admit that Menendez had ready access to the private jets and resorts paid for by Melgen. They admit Menendez got visas for the girlfriends, intervened on the port-security contract and demanded Health and Human Services allow Melgen to keep overbilling Medicare. But they are innocent, the defense says, because the government is trying to criminalize friendship.”

Setting the Baker-Kriseman Record Straight

Well Stated!! “As many of you know, I worked as former Mayor Rick Baker’s deputy mayor for Midtown econ development. Baker is currently seeking the job again and as a member of his campaign team, I am deeply disappointed by what appears to be a divisive, win-at-any-cost strategy by the Kriseman campaign.The falsehoods and misrepresentations by Kriseman’s campaign ghost writers and other campaign associates are alarming. The campaign insists on making a nonpartisan race partisan, and willfully distorts Baker’s record. The campaign’s emphasis on partisan politics represents a divisive act of desperation that harms the entire city. Mayor Baker’s campaign reflects his love and passion for the entire city of St. Pete, a proven record of working with Democrats and Republicans, and a continued commitment to building a seamless city.”

The GOP’s 3 Priorities for Tax Reform

Must Read!! Great Tax Reform! “Under our unified framework, this …[will be] the lowest tax rates in modern history, for American businesses of all size, in all structures,” Brady said. The framework from Ryan, McConnell, and other GOP leaders calls for roughly doubling taxpayers’ standard deduction (an individual’s first $12,000 of income would become tax free, and the first $24,000 for married couples), and condensing the current 7 tax brackets to 3. Depending on their income, individual taxpayers currently may be taxed at one of these %s: 10, 15, 25, 28, 33, 35, or 39.6. The three brackets in Republicans’ proposed tax framework are 12%, 25% , and 35%…“On the business side, our job creators will … no longer have to bear 35% corporate tax rate, the highest in the developed world,” he said. The GOP tax plan calls for lowering corporate tax rate to 20%.”

Full Antifa Documentary Exposes Democrats & Allies Behind Domestic Terrorist Groups – Antifa Is The Militant Arm Of The Democratic Party

Must Read! “Along with interviews with high profile conservative names that have been threatened and/or attacked by Antifa groups personally, and historical goals of Antifa groups, as well as their recently stated goal to overthrow the duly elected government in the US, Louden highlights the direct ties between these violent Antifa groups and the official Democrat party itself as well as their affiliates and allies, including organizations funded by Soros. One example detailed in the documentary, is who is behind the violent Antifa protests that occurred at the May Day rally in Portland, OR, which descended into utter chaos when Antifa showed up, attacking police, etc. Evidently these Antifa groups are not only funded or sponsored by Democrat affiliates, specifically the SEIU who donates heavily to the Democrat Party, but were also being trained in SEIU owned facilities..”

Americans purchase health insurance across state lines

Great News!! “Trump is preparing an executive order to allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines, a reform conservatives have long championed as a way to bring costs down and stir greater competition in the national marketplace.The executive action gives the White House a chance to follow through on at least one promise related to healthcare reform after Senate Republicans’ second attempt to overhaul Obamacare failed this week. Sen. Paul first mentioned the action during a TV appearance Wed, saying Trump was considering taking matters into his own hands.”I think there’s going to be big news from the White House in the next week or two, something they can do on their own,” Paul told MSNBC, adding that Trump “can legalize on his own the ability of individuals to join a group or a health association across state lines and buy insurance.”