TBTimes Sports Writer Proposes Ending National Anthem at Games; Ignores it will End Free Speech.

Mr. Jones suggests ending The National Anthem at NFL games at his own peril. He also imperils the rest of us who want free speech - and not the tyranny of the mob who heckle away free speech.

Mr. Jones suggests ending The National Anthem at NFL games at his own peril. He also imperils the rest of us who want free speech – and not the tyranny of the mob who heckle away free speech.

Yesterday, Sports Columnist Tom Jones proposed ending playing of the National Anthem at Football games. He believes this will end “divisiveness” that has resulted from football players kneeling during the national anthem to protest – well something. Ofcourse, the protest started based on their claim of “institutional racism” against black people. The argument on that goes – there are more black people in jail than white people, more poor black people than white people etc. Therefore, it must be a systemic racism in America that has produced this result. It has nothing to do with the behavior and choices of individuals, it is about an America that is systemically racist.  That, of course, is nonsense.

To address this issue, I am publishing a letter I sent to Mr. Jones on his proposal along with a followup letter I wrote to his response (which I will not publish without his permission). I have edited them for clarity. Here are the open letters:

Letter I:

I must say I am very disappointed you have suggested no longer playing the anthem. I am not sure that you are part of this obvious ploy by the anti-American crowd trying to destroy our country and society. However, ending the anthem in our public square has always been their goal. You are suggesting giving these same hecklers the veto over what is said in public. The veto power over the speech of others to allow them, through tyranny, to have their way. These folks don’t stop. Next will be an attempted cleansing of  Washington and Jefferson. The ultimate goal is an end to our constitution.

When they are done, journalists will be required to have their approval to say or write anything. Perhaps you should save everyone the trouble and resign now. That is the natural result of ending our national anthem. 

Please reconsider your position and instead suggest that these hecklers actually try to change the culture of hopelessness and despair that has kept so many people stuck in the past. That culture has been built by the victim society and a big government architecture created by hypocritical “progressives” trading on the assumed votes they routinely take for granted from the black community. These progressives push the false narrative that government is their only solution when I fact it has always been the problem.

I write this in sincerity and not as a personal attack. I think you may not realize what a grave error you are making. Please visit my website on the founding principles of America. They are the ones that the progressives seek to destroy. These are live monuments I bring to schools and community events. They too will soon be deemed to “offensive”
to be seen in public.

God bless and please take seriously this warning that is designed to protect our freedom.

Letter II:

Mr. Jones, I think you are muddying the waters by ignoring my key argument. To whit: ending the anthem ends with no limits on government or the mob to end our natural rights as protected by the US Constitution. That constitution prevents the GOVERNMENT, not a private organization Luke the NFL, from limiting our free speech.

While you correctly express concern about the injustice of  people being shouted down and thus having their speech suppressed, you are actually supporting it.

Kapernick and his colleagues and his BLM puppet masters hate America. He supports Cuba and pushes the (false) narrative of “institutional racism” and blames a”corrupt American system”. By removing the anthem you would allow these people to effectively “shout down” the right to have it played and my right to have it support our American principles. 

I have the right to peacefully enjoy the anthem as others have the right to protest.  But not if that protest interferes with.my rights.  It us analogous to the destruction of Baywalk by the loud and obnoxious “protesters” in the past.  They ruined my right to peacefully spend an evening with my wife there. The BLM people who block freeways do the same.

I suggest that there IS peace in North Korea…because they have cleansed all that is “offensive” to the elite in charge. The mob is becoming the new elite. Look no further than the oppression of bakery owners who don’t want to bake cakes for gay “weddings”. It seems the elite is OK with shutting down their rights while demanding that those they have chosen have the “right” to basically topple and trample good, American tradition: the anthem.

I humbly suggest that if you continue on your rhetorical course you will find yourself like those on the train tracks at the end of Atlas Shrugged asking “what happened” to my rights, my freedom and our shared prosperity.



4 Replies:

  1. Gary West

    Perhaps Mr. Jones employer, the Tampa Bay Times, might consider moving his column to the editorial pages.

  2. Keir Gallite

    I actually agree with Mr. Jones. The anthem is a relic of a time when we held some truths to be self evident. We don’t need to be reminded of those horrible times in our treacherous history when men worked to feed their families and the greatest honor was to live up to your word or a handshake. We should toss the anthem and Bill of Rights onto the pile of burning books along with all of our history back to that pesky Magna Carta. I’m certain a sports writer would be the perfect candidate to pen a new framework for this Godforsaken place.

  3. Sanford Beyer

    Thank you for your well written replies. i am thinking that I will do my best to create a “safe space” for those oppressed multi million dollar athletes by providing them with my empty seat at any event that decries my right to salute the Flag of our country during the playing of the anthem. As a former infantry officer, my only response is, “grow up”.

  4. Patrick Lepeak

    I personally think Mr. Jones is in a “difficult place”!!! I have, in the past, communicated with him re: his articles, and found him to be surprisingly cordial and reasonable. As it happens, I also sent a short comment re: his suggestion about the anthem. There has been no reply. It may be of some significance that his employer is a very left leaning organization. Regardless, your letter is right on and to the point.

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