Good Neighbor Reward Program

Building a Community of Neighbors!

For too long, politicians have said they would take care of society. They have asked us to trust them to help end poverty, stop crime, create jobs, prepare people with job skills and help kids get a good education.  Even though their programs have been failing for decades, they only offer a new plan every few years which produces more of the same. The citizens of St. Petersburg know something that most politicians don’t know:  they can do more to improve the life of their neighbors with a few hours of their time than any government has ever done with years of good intentions. But for too long, the citizens have had to watch while their tax money was misspent on the latest well-meaning plan that produced little results. Well, that is about to change.  Introducing the…

Good Neighbor Reward Program


Dr. McKalip wants to make sure that citizens are rewarded for the hard work they do every day to help their neighbors as individuals.  Dr. McKalip believes that the great example individuals set helping their neighbor can be inspirational to others. Dr. McKalip knows that we are more likely to begin to address long standing issues of poverty, crime, jobs and education if individual citizens reach out to their brother and sister to help them find their path to freedom, prosperity and the dignity and pride of an independent, productive life.

That’s why Dr. McKalip will make one of the first programs he proposes when elected to St. Petersburg City Council one that helps build a true Community of Neighbors: The “Good Neighbor Reward Program”.

Program Features

  • A City of St. Petersburg “Good Neighbor Registry” that will work in partnership with local charities.
  • The City will recruit local charity partners who would organize charitable activities or accept donations in exchange for reward points.
  • Rewarded activities can include things like: tutor a child, help a single mom with parenting, help a rehabilitated prisoner return to society, transport a senior citizen to the doctor or to get their groceries, drive for Meals on Wheels, work for Habitat for Humanity, Pinellas hope volunteer time, neighborhood cleanups, crime watch and more! The sky is the limit!
  • Good neighbor Partner Charities would verify and report the reward points earned to the City’s Good Neighbor Registries.
  • Registered “Good Neighbors” would receive “Good Neighbor Reward Points” that can be redeemed for a variety of benefits.
  • Rewards could include
    • Rebates on utility bills
    • Property tax rebates
    • Forgiven parking tickets and forgiven fines.
    • Free Tickets to City-based events: Rays games, Grand Prix, Mahaffey-theater and more.
    • Free or discounted access to City-based amenities: Golf, Museums, events, meeting facilities (e.g. Manhattan Casino, coliseum).

The City of St. Petersburg will watch as you, the residents, take back “your city” and change the lives of your neighbors for the better.  St. Petersburg will see more prosperity, less crime, happier people and begin to heal many of its past wounds as the city transforms to a community of neighbors.


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