Freedom Based Health System Reform

A Better Health System Reform Plan – based on the plan of the Florida Medical Association.

1.          Promote Patient Rights
a.           Ensure that patients can receive medical care in their best interest within the patient physician relationship.
b.            Ensure that third parties refrain from creating direct and indirect rationing of medical services.
c.             Ensure that third parties refrain from creating “cookbook” medicine protocols that don’t help individual patients.

  2.            Increase Affordability of Medical Services and Health Insurance

a.            Limit or end guaranteed issue and community rating for health insurance products. b.            Allow the interstate purchase of health insurance. c.             Promote the growth and expansion of health savings accounts and ensure that covered medical expenses are broad for these accounts. d.            Minimize state and federal health care coverage mandates. e.            Encourage competition in the health industry by ending Certificate of Need laws, repealing Stark rules and self-referral laws, and allowing physician ownership of health care facilities.

3.            Promote tax fairness for health care financing

a.            Allow tax deduction for individuals who purchase health insurance outside of their place of employment. b.            Expand contribution amounts for tax-free health savings accounts and ensure roll-over of unused funds each year. c.             Create refundable, advanceable tax credits (vouchers) at the same rate regardless of income level for all Americans who purchase health insurance.

4.            Encourage private control of health care spending

a.            Reinstate right of Medicare and privately insured patients to privately contract with their physicians for medical care.
b.            Create a choice for younger workers to contribute payroll taxes to an individually owned Medicare account or to keep money in the Medicare system.
c.             Allow Medicare beneficiaries who opt out of Medicare the right to continue to collect other Social Security benefits.

5.            Ensure economic sustainability of Government financed health care

a.            Encourage transition of Medicare to an individually owned account for younger workers and subsidize cost of older workers who choose to transition to an individually owned account. b.            Establish means testing for Medicare recipients for benefits and premiums.
c.             Reserve public financing of health care for those of lower incomes.

6.            Guarantee access to medical care

a.            Ensure economically sustainable medical practices and health care facilities.
b.            Pass tort reform by capping payments for non-economic damages and protect patient rights by creating special liability courts and tribunals for liability cases.
c.             Pay physicians and hospitals fair market value for services delivered to patients covered by publicly financed programs.
d.            Minimize regulations that increase cost of care with no benefit to individual patients.

7.            Ensure high quality health care and protection of patient and physician rights.

a.            Ensure fair and strenuous board certification and licensing laws.
b.            Promote fair, unbiased peer review as basis of quality and protect this review through federal law.
c.             Ensure that only physicians practice medicine.
d.            Allow access to courts and full judicial review for patients and physicians participating in publicly financed health programs and ensure full payment of attorney fees to prevailing party.


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