PSTA’s Uses Bus Bombing Prevention Money for Greenlight Pinellas Instead – the Saga.

brouchure sample PSTA cares phase1

The brouchure from phase I of the “CARES” grant to tell people if they “See something, say something”. Looking out for disguised bombs. Phase II did not follow this intended message, instead promoting PSTA and Greenlight Pinellas with Federal Money on TV.

1. PSTA Abuses Anti-Terrrorism Grant to Promote Greenlight Pinellas Tax Hike.   – The Story that started it all – and ended with a fiasco at PSTA with return of $354,000 Federal grant money. The SunbeamTimes uncovered this abuse of taxpayer dollars by PSTA CEO Brad Miller and the PSTA Board. Money designed to stop terrorist bus bombings through a rider-awareness TV campaign was instead used to promote PSTA “happy bus riders” and the Greenlight Pinellas plan.

2. 6/23 WTSP story on DHS Grant abuse by PSTA – Respected News reporter Mike Deeson reports the abuse.

3. Evidence on PSTA DHS Deception. – PSTA Chair and county Commissioner Ken Welch and  PSTA CEO Brad Miller lie to PSTA Board about proper use of the grant funds to the PSTA Board. They Attack those reporting the truth instead of acknowledging the truth and taking corrective action.

4. WTSP’s Mike Deeson Continues to expose PSTA Abuse of DHS funds. Congressman Jolly prompting Federal Investigation! -Mike Deeson reports on the involvement of Congressman Jolly in protecting taxpayer money from abuse.

5. PSTA Returns DHS Anti-terrorism Money abused for Political purposes. Miller and Welch must resign. Ken Welch continues to attack those who tell the truth.

6. Citizens’ Group Calls for PSTA CEO Miller to ResignMore people call for resignation of PSTA CEO Brad Miller.


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