Rationing Stories

caseforkillinggrannyimagesA collection of stories of health care rationing. Also show are efforts by the Tampa Bay Times and others to support rationing and euthanasia. Some stories have a happy ending, other’s don’t.

Rationing is real in American medicine now. It is promoted by the creation on incentive payment plans by Obamacare and by the Republicans in what is called “MACRA”. Doctors are denied “bonuses” if they spend too much money on patients (according to the government and insurance companies). Doctors are thus encouraged to deny and withhold care to earn the “bonus”. Doctors will allow elderly and others who are deemed “futile” to die early or stop care in the ICU since the escalating costs will harm their “efficiency” (cost control) score.


Read more about it in the stories below.

A Message for Doctors/ A Warning for Patients.

A life Abandoned then Saved: Evil Collectivism Conquered by Good of the Individual.

Your DOCTOR will be the rationing agent for the state. Obamacare on the Frontlines.

An Obituary for the Hearts of Families and Doctors – in Memory of Mrs. J. (Obamacare on the Frontlines.A Series.)

Obama’s Cancer Rationing or “Letters the Times Won’t Publish.”

Obamacare Advocates Hide the Truth: Obamacare RATIONS!

Obama’s Looming Prostate Cancer Death Epidemic: Technocrat Doctors Turn Against Patients.